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Making it world wide!
June 11th, 2009 

Title: The Magic Box
Author: ME~~~
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Crack
Rating: G
Warning: Nothing to be warn~~~
Summary: I have no summary for this, since it's super short

This one shot dedicated toohryouchipi 

Chibi Version
sleeping tat-chan <3

Cartoon KAT-TUN #113 20090610 summary + screencaps

*excessive amount of screencaps!!*

maru's bungee footage special! (:

and for tat-chan fans, a video of his super graceful bungee jump too (:


( Nakamaru, OMEDETOU!! ♥ )

sleeping tat-chan <3

summary for R-One KAT-TUN #167 20090609 is up!

credits to agemaki  for the summary ^^

please follow fake cut for summary and download link (:

( next time, i'll do the 'circle' on my own. )

02:04 pm - GINZA 0907
kame very very hot
omg he is amazing!!


02:04 pm - [Question]
How many Texas fans of KAT-TUN are out there?
02:52 pm - ~ Banners ~
I just want to do something very little to all kame-chan fans and support him ~
Because kazu chan mean alot to us thats why lets show that to all the people and be proud to be kamenashi kazuya lovely fans 8D

So .. I made banners with the word "Proud to be kamenashi kazuya fan" and I hope you like it :D

{ 19 } Kamenashi kazuya banners ♥


More here @kawaiikame

cy → glances
picture under the cutCollapse )

okay so i came across this article and basically it says that Miss Vietnam 2006 Mai Phuong Thuy got to met a few Japanese stars including Akanishi Jin and Narimiya Hiroki when she came to Japan for a press conference promoting Transformers 2 (but it didnt mention Jin at all, there's only one photo). Jin looked so short next to her lol (well she's 184.5cm tall and still growing, that's why), & seemed like he lacked of sleep. and i cant help feeling so jealous with her, she was shaking hands with him when she probably had no idea who Jin was ;_____;

*edit: she said that because she was wearing Vietnam's traditional dress, many Japanese celebs approached her & asked her to take photos with them, and she also mentioned that they were really nice. i dont know if Jin was one of them lol


Title: LUCKY


Author: Robileczuya


Pairing: Akame, Jin + Uehara Takako, Kame + Kyoko Koizumi


Rating: PG-13


Genre: Fluff, Angst, Romance


Disclaimer: Jin is not mine. But Kame is :)) well, in my dreams.


Summary: Kame's confused. Jin being with Maki, what is really their real relationship? [yeah yeah, I sucked here]


A/N: Ah, my brain isn’t working properly this time. I didn’t manage to make it more realistic. Damn T-T I was deeply affected by the rumors about Kame and the sudden drop of ratings in Mr. Brain. I’m too depressed. Sorry. I can’t even flail about my Korean fandom. @_@ But, I’ll try my best to update my fics. Mind to comment after reading? I’d be happy if you’d do that.

http://robileczuya.livejournal.com/4228.html#cutid1 -- UPDATE!
KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams
Cartoon KAT-TUN #113  20090610 - KameMaru Hug!!

20090610日韓音樂瘋 KAT TUN 專輯介紹 << ?????

+ Help to support Kamenashi!!!!!

Nakamaru OMEDETOU!!

KAWAIIIIII~~Collapse )
06:38 pm(no subject)
::jae bom:: song from the heart.

icons feature: arashi, okada junichi, KAT-TUN, horikita maki, koji seto, miura haruma, super junior, dbsk, ast1, 2pm, goo hye sun, emily browning, david archuleta, gossip girl(&individual cast), skins, supernatural, (movie)drag me to hell, the uninvited, stocks&fashion

[public for 48hrs|JOIN?|icons here@coloredleaves]
07:44 pm - icons&icons
akame crunky

hey guuuys I wanna share some icons::

31 kame
20 jin
3 junno
4 koki
7 ueda
2 nakamaru
25 pairings

get them here at keikosaporta 
KAT-TUN Live Documentary Photo Book
Break The Records
Release date : 05 Aug 2009
Reguler Price (tax inc.) : 2100 Yen

You can start for preorder here http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/product/detail/3619287
So, this is my first time I think posting here. And to top it off... my first time making icons! So, I thought I'd share my new funness! Anyways, for just a starter I've mainly been playing with text and colors... so, I still hope you enjoy!

So, let's see:

2 Akanishi Jin
6 Kamenashi Kazuya
8 G-Dragon


Click on preview to find more!

♥ bzuh!?
just a couple of (croppingsofthesamepicture) icons from the new ginza mag in which Kame is as beautiful as always :( ♥ oh, and one from Mr. Brain XP

1-19 Ginza
20 Mr. Brain
added 1 wallpaper

here @ yourside public for 48h

lately many thing happen..in order to support our dear KAT-TUN 

*give a little time to drop down the note..
*u can say anything to any member's of KAT-TUN or KAT-TUN like support word.. wish, story, something fun, ur life as a fans etc..

note : ur speech will x-post if we find the way to delivered it to KAT-TUN.. if u agree u can freely write it..

2. ~~~Jinjin birthday celebration ~~~

everyone let's together to celebrate Jin birthdays  ^^


i found something interesting n want to join it.... n here i really hope i will meet other KAT-TUN fans
let's havoc the time ne ~~~ who want to go with me ~~


everything go here 
KAT-TUN in our HearT
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