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Making it world wide!
June 9th, 2009 
[2] Kamenashi Kazuya
[1] Akanishi Jin
[2] Taguchi Junnosuke
[2] Tanaka Koki
[1] Ueda Tatsuya
[1] Nakamaru Yuuichi
[3] others

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for more :)
Hey guys I made a set for Sony Ericcson mobile phones mine is W880i and it works perfectly on it (: I hope you'll like it ^^

you can download them from here 

Here I am for the second (and last) time with this, the 100-icon challenge complete.  All featuring Kametan and, again, the cut is a fake. ♪

jinda camera
Title: Jin's Letter Exchange (Jin no Tegami Koukan)
Author: Sayo Angelica
Pairing: AKame
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff 
+ Crack
Summary: Continuation for
Kazu's Letter Exchange .
This is Jin's Letter for Kazu, a day before their wedding day they exchange it.

Disclaimer: I want to own the in real life but now only in my imagination. I own my own plot =)
Do not blame me,  i just write what i'm thinking about  :) 

Author Note:
Sequel to Lover’s Secret Diary, 7 Days of Love,  7 Days of Engagement, Kazu' Letter Exchange

Sequeling drabble BUT you can read it separately! No worries :
Do post a comment after you read it :) appreciate it so much <3 <3
Will try my best to continue this sequel, wedding~~ *if possible*
This is for
</span></font></b></a>fox_xie !! happy bday~~ *hugs* you got JIN's :)

all posted on

</span>I had adored you more especially when you told me that you wanted to wear a dress on our wedding. I totally wanted to see you in a dress but I was kind of shy to admit it. Sorry for my stubbornness
Title: The Funeral: Goodbye my Friend (Part I)
Pairing: None (for this part)
Genre: Drama
Rating: E
Summary: Ueda's funeral begins and people say their goodbyes.
Word Count: 3,489
A/N: I wasn't going to write an ending to my previous fic but I got bored again and wrote the conclusion part of Ueda's death.  This will be a two part story but for now this is just part 1.  Part 2 will come whenever I have time to finish it.  The text in parenthesis denote actions being done during the speakers message.  Enjoy and comments are love =]
Link to the first part of the fic:
Where it all began }

Please click this link to read the NEW fanfic: { The Funeral: Goodbye my Friend (Part I) }
subaru : a
Hello everyone,

I guess this is the first time I'm posting in this community. ^^

I've been a little absent from the KAT-TUN fandom lately, but I found this pic in a friend's album sometime ago and I just went LOL WTH? XD So I want to share it with you:

Featuring Jimmy Mackey, Koyama Keiichiro, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint (Hermione and Ron from Harry Potter movies!), Kame and Jin.

Can anyone tell me when was this pic taken? Probably when HP actors went to Japan to promote one of the movies? And why the heck are our dear Johnny's together with them? XD

Sorry for the random post, I just found that amusing!! And thanks in advance!!
Title: The Present of Fraise Street [Part of The Secret Akame Stories spearheaded by tesshidk. Pls PM her for more details.]
Author: msdesireen/ me
Ratings: PG
Genre: Multichapter, AU, Angst, Death fic
Characters: Akame, Akanishi Hikari, Akanishi Reio, You[Yes You!]
Chapters: 1, 2, 3
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not the characters, not the original plot, but it’s got my style added to it. This fict is inspired by a Chinese novel that I’ve read ages ago, and the plot is getting blurry. Which is good, cause then what I don’t remember will be my new input =)

Summary: You’re just an ordinary OL. You’ve got everything you need, and you’re financially independent. However, like any city-dweller, you’re a little lonely, a little sick and a little tired of your boring life.
One day, the police came and informed you that your neighbor committed suicide.
The cause of his death? Unrequited love.
The love of his life? Was You.

Chapter 1 – He Loved Me?//Chapter 2 – The Diary//> Chapter 3 - Akanishi Jin// Chapter 4 - Familiar Faces// Chapter 5 - Who are you?// Chapter 6 - Letters// Chapter 7 - The Other Diary

*Newly Updated*:
Chapter 8 - He found him

Title: Love it when it Rains

Type: One-shot

Pairing: Akame/Akakame/Akanishi-Kamenashi

Rating: NC-17 [but it’s so love-ridden I should rate it NC-16!]

Disclaimer: Am I Johnny? Do I look like Johnny? The story is FICTIONAL, and the only right of ownership I bear is over its plot and the themes explored within it. ^^

Genres: Romance, romance, romance. And if that wasn’t enough, I’ll let you guys know that this fic does nothing but make your heart beat faster and your vision blur in emotion at the huge amount of romance in this fic. Because love is all that matters ^^ There's a bit of angst, btw.

WARNINGS: ehh… swearing, as ever. And… boyxboy relations. Akame’s relationship here is blossoming.

Summary: Kamenashi and Akanishi have been together for a reasonable amount of time, but Kamenashi’s rigidity as to his feelings and expressing them ends up destroying something they both love but do not understand. Will fate help them come together again? Will Kamenashi, in turn, abandon any sense of self-consciousness and let himself be taken by his lover? –let the rain give you the answer.

6,247 words of love ~

taemin &lt;3

Title: Pain and Satisfaction
Pairing:KameDa (Kame and Ueda)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BONDAGE.
Summary: Ueda thinks it's time to let Kame know that his body is his territory. ONLY HIS.

Read more...Collapse )A/N: This is my very first NC-17 fic. I'm not to confident about it but I still want to post it here because I worked hard on it. Thank you to my beloved kk_me  for beta-ing this and making it alot better than what it was.Many hearts to you *chu*♥
Please tell me what you thought about okay?
09:46 pm - Kame
Kame 2

Hi everyone!

I've been reading about the ratings for Mr. Brain Ep.3 and some of the related "hatred"/"gleeful" comments about the low ratings, how Kame seems to be the "poison to ratings", how he has "wonderfully" managed to bring down Kimutaku's ratings to record-low level, and so on and so on.

As a Kame fan, I feel bad, not because of the ratings and the comments per se, but because of how worse Kame may be feeling right at this moment. This must be quite a hard blow for him, more so given the fact that he's such a Kimutaku fanboy (and now to be blamed for bringing down his senpai's drama...), and that this is the second consecutive low rating he has got for his solo projects

To me, Kame is someone who has always been working very hard, willing to take on anything that's passed on to him, and give it his best shots. I feel so frustrated that I'm not living in Japan right now and I can't do anything to help with the situation.

Based on all the comments I've read, I have 2 big questions made up in a desperate effort to find some answers to what is happening in Japan.

1.  Is Kame's fanbase in Japan really decreasing? Has it never been as big as it was made up to be?
2. Have Kame's anti-fans increased recently? What may have been the reasons to this? 

To question no. 2, one hypothesis can be that Kame's anti-fans come from KAT-TUN's anti-fans in general, who may have been pissed off by Johnny's recent heavy promotion of KAT-TUN, and out of KAT-TUN they find Kame to be the easiest target, as he seems to be the most heavily promoted KAT-TUN members lately. Another hypothesis (I hate to say this, but it's only a hypothesis) can be that Kame's anti-fans come from some AT-TUN fans themselves who get pissed off because Kame gets over-promoted over their own favourite members.

I would appreciate your views, too, so that I can have a more balanced perspective and a better understanding of the situation.
Whatever the true reasons are, I will always support Kame and hope he will feel better soon.


(KAT-TUN Indonesia Forum) 2nd anniversary was held last Sunday ~June 7th~ in 4 different cities (Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya) and 2 other cities will follow soon.

thanks to everyone who came and join us. we have so much fun!
please always support KAT-TUN and be KAT-TUN no Kazoku in KATTUNesia Indonesia  and around the world!!

see some photos here: my LJ

and next stop will be: 
Yogyakarta (June 27th at Benteng Vredeburg)
  (June 26th at Mola Cafe)
be there, be fun!!

need to know all the reports about the gatherings? just click: KATTUNesia
change ur world
Because seriously, we are sick of the hate.

Instead of wasting time and energy moping over or getting angry at Kame-bashers...Let's just put our all into LOVING KAME!

How can you NOT love the squishy?Collapse )

Come on guys, why do you love Kame?

Also, alkame and I have sent emails to Kame's radio program. 1_shizuku has suggested using the subject line ミ★ 海外ファンからのメッセージ ★ミ --> message from overseas fan

There's no need to mention ratings and such stuff. We just want Kame to know that he has fans overseas who support him. Let's send Kame our LOVE~

The e-mail address for Kame's radio show is kazuya@allnightnippon.com

ninillie also gave a mailing address for those who want to send letters:
(member's name)
Johnny's Family Club
Miyamasu Tower B1F
1-10-10 Shibuya
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8550

I don't think we necessarily have to write in Japanese. I myself wrote using only simple English. Someone mentioned that writing in our native language might better catch their attention. Although if someone here knows Japanese and is kind enough to translate, perhaps we could send the message in our native language together with a translation?

If you think of other ways to send our messages or support to Kame, please let us other fans know. Let's start a LOVE KAME REVOLUTION!

This post was brought to you by go_to_the_woods's SPAZ!
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