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May 29th, 2009 
08:40 am(no subject)
tatta hitotsu no koi
I've made something KAT-TUN [Kame] related for my birthday :3
because it's not the every day you're turning ICHI GO.
For one day I stopped wishing I was older xD

PS I hope that this tag is right? ._."
12:13 pm - Gyao 2009/06


only 1 page advertise new sigle, I didn't scan the article. Let me know if anyone want it  ^^ click to enlarge!
just in case, the others scan is at my LJ

NOTE: add advertise pages and mini kat-tun book issued with Myojo 2005/10 --> here
I'm just rewatch Cartoon kattun 53. Ueda said that he had the experience of being abandoned in the mountain before.
I'm curious about this.
Can everyone tell me more about this.
Translated some interesting bits from TV Pia at my journal

Ueda thinks that Snow White is fat

06:00 pm - 05.29.2009
akame + takki = awesome
(29) icons

Super Junior
(37) icons
(13) headers


HERE @ spinning_days
SO! For those of you who don't know, MACROS are pics with funny captions attached meant to poke fun at the situation/expression of the photo.


Right, most of you know I've made four batches in total of KAT-TUN MACROS...  I've got more Kame, Maru, Jin, Ueda photos than Koki or Junno photos, so there's less of the latter and more of the former. There are also a lot of group photos as well ^^

Thanks to everyone who checked it out the first time! Here's the second batch, as promised :: LOL! Batch # 2

07:46 pm(no subject)
{Icons} Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin, Akame, Taguchi Junnosuke, Nishikido Ryo, Queer as folk.
{Headers} Akame, KAT-TUN, Nishikido Ryo, Kato Shigeaki.


Get them here at anohi  /.
Just wondered..

In Tekken, there's this Kazama family.

One is Kazama Jin and next is his brother, Kazama Kazuya
Same with Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya.

Those two really are meant to be friends, are they?
I just found it cool, and superbly coincidental.

Don't you think so?

i looked at a few btr pictures and hes got a set of praying hands on his left arm i believe. it looks real but just wanted to know if it actually was
Title: Council Love
Author: orangeteadrop 
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, Romance, attempted Humor
Beta by: My best friend :]
Disclaimer: They belong to Johhny-san
Summary: Akanishi Jin is the president of the student council. Being the president, he is supposed to be hardworking and can efficiently carry out things. Sadly, he's too lazy or sleepy to do his work that he thinks up of lame excuses to pass on the work to the other members of the club. The vice-president, who is the only person that can coerce Jin into doing his work is currently busy with his drama filming that the members decided to add a new member that would also act as a vice-president. Who will the new member be? Can he help Jin?
Author Note: Thanks a lot to those who helped! sayoshirota , who helped me in more ways than one and helped think up a summary, and Monique, my best friend
who agreed to be my beta~! This is my first time writing a fic. So, please guide me ^^

"W-well, if I’m an idiot, why did I get to be the president, huh, Ryoooo~?"

1. romanized or english translated lyrics please
2. only a couple of lines for example

free to use for anyone
3. credit if using
i am back! after fixing the Internet! i ish amazing. *________* anyway.

for the member's corner (should start calling it 'changes everyday' corner, -.-) they sang:

- fight all night
- sparking (sparkling? which is it? o.o)
- gloria
- tsuki no michi

like on uedaday. XD

koki's hair is black again. (b/c of his drama)

no bungee in osaka.

wet haired!jin for almost the whole concert.

lots of akame interaction. *________* there was LA talk again.

and that's it. i'll see if there's anything else to add later. did anyone go/is going for the osaka cons?

i had nothing better to do, so i translated the MC. :DCollapse )
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