May 21st, 2009

blinded by the light! ^n^;

Concert Tickets Update!!!

Hi everyone,

PLEASE pay attention to this entry if you are wanting to BUY or SELL concert tickets to the upcoming concert!

There are many people asking if they can post up their tickets sales in a separate post...**THIS IS NOT ALLOWED**

Also, if you have ticket sales they go in this post FROM NOW ON! There is a new Link on the side that will be especially for the ticket selling. Please no longer post in the Master Sales post.

However, due to the urgency of the matter...I will be making a post for everyone! I will also repeat another post in a week!

If you are unsure about the NEW rules for the ticket sales PLEASE read them here


i_heart_jin: Is selling a ticket for JUNE 15{Last Day Performance!}Interested?

brown_geisha: Is also selling 2 tickets for JUNE 15 in Gate 40!Interested?

murasaki_anna: Is selling a Ticket for OSAKA MAY 29 Interested?

nihondancer: Selling a Ticket for OSAKA MAY 29 She has ARENA seats ladies!!!Interested?


bellemainec: Is interested in purchasing an OSAKA ticket. Please lj email her!!!

kira_shadow:Is interested in purchasing a JUNE 14 ticket. Sell them your ticket?

kurisutaz: Is also interested in buying a June 15 ticket! Sell them your ticket?

Have fun at Break The Record Concerts!!!


Mousies are back!

Wonder what AKAME mousies are doing today? They're meeting Tatsuya-mousie and Ryo-chan Panda!! hahahaha!

well, for those who doesn't know Ryo panda and Tatsuya mousie, here they are:

---> Ryo Panda *because ryo looks like a panda to me*
----> Tatsuya mousie*see! it even has a crown just like a HIME. and the hat! reminds me of white xmas. hahaha!*

BTW, i dunno how to tag this so i just used what i think is appropriate. :)

to the CRAZY

*oooh... just ignore my rants okay?

sexy hair

day 7 quick update

ueda jumped for maru today. maru asked if he was scared, and ueda said yes, but the fans are waiting, so all he could do was jump. guess maru has to be ueda's willing slave from now on. XD

today's member's corner was the same as the first day:
my weather
my angel your (you're?) angel
pika pika II ( i ♥ this song)
never again

*goes back to bed*

guest was nakajima yuuto *squishes him*