May 20th, 2009

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i`m new here ... i`m a fans of KAT-TUN and kinki kids ....
ano... it`s my new journal but i always visit KAT-TUN LOVE journal when i don`t have my own journal .... i love to see fan fic and fan art here i love chibi`s fan art ...
and i want to make friend with all kat-tun lovers .... haha ...
and please teach me to use this live journal because i`m new and baka to use live journal need some one can teach me ....

and if some one can teach me to draw the real person lips i want to know i need it for my school project i draw jinjin =D... just his lips i can`t draw ...waaa baka me...

hope i can made good friendship with the same KAT-TUN lovers.... =D
yoroshiku ... =D
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{FIC} Ultimate PWP Size

Title: Ultimate PWP (I'm bad at naming things. That includes giving tittles)
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: NC 17
Genre:  Smut. It's pure smut. A bit of fluff because I can't resist fluff.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary:Kame is horny and runs to Jin. Jin helps him.
Warning: GAY SEX. Underaged readers, read at your own risk.
Author's Note: Something I wrote a while back, a few days before the holidays because I am a L.A.Z.Y student. Dedicated to all Akame fans who still feel the blood rush whenever they read any Akame related stuff.^^

Fluffy smut, this way~~

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! Hi I’m Shiva_Luv and I am a huge fan of KAT TUN. I got into KAT TUN through a friend and my first KAT TUN song was You. Ever since then I have become a huge fan and I have probably downloaded every song they have ever made(yeah I know I am crazy right :3 )and watched every drama they have been so far (or at least the ones I can find subbed lol)


Let’s see Ahhh yes I am from NJ,USA so if there are friends from the Tri State Area Heeeellllooo (^_^) TOTAL SUPPORTER of AKAME♥♥♥(not Kokame…even if that’s considered a pairing lol)


I am also working on Wallpapers, Fanfics, and a huge KAT TUN video and when they are done I want to share them with you all.


Thank you for allowing me to join this group and I hope to make many new KAT TUN friends with all of you.




a.k.a. Jenna

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For Real?

Hello. This is my first time to post on this community.

Yoroshiku Onengaishimasu.

I'm just wondering, about an article I've read on one of the site. Because the question is about "If Kame has a girlfriend?"

And so I click it and here's what I saw 

Oh, please don't get me wrong ok, I'm just curious that's why I post it... But if it's true then let's be happy for him ne?

And if it's not then its just another rumor.... As simple as that

If in case this kind of post is not allowed please feel free to delete this post.


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Minna san~ Konnichiwa!!!

I am desireen from singapore and am totally new to fandom.
I've finally decided to post an introduction after lurking around for like a month.
First time using livejournal and my layout's not even properly edited yet.
There are so many questions that I would like to ask about KAT-TUN since what I know about them is really meagre [only started to be crazy about them since last september when I watched One Pound Gospel and heard Lips.]
And I feel so lonely since none of my friends are fans of KAT-TUN >.< [I <s>force</s> made  the closer ones at least know who they are though]
Yeah, so let's be friends and share/spread the love of KAT-TUN!!!

Yoroshiku Oneigaishimasu!!! =D


updates first, since i'm sure you guys are dying to know. (or maybe it's just me... OTL)

kame chose hanasanaide ai (randomly happy because my sources and my gut were correct), gold, you and i like it.

guests tonight were takaki yuuya and tamamori yuuta. kame sang that mayo-something song they always sing with them. :)

maru didn't jump. he didn't use the coupon thingy either. oh maru you FAIL. XD

apparently koki retired his dragonball costume and was in regular SR uniform like the rest. not sure about this one, though.

edit (again):
and apparently (don't say i didn't warn you; i bolded, italicized and underlined it) all the members's corners i.e. the part where they get to choose their setlist will be in the appendix of the dvd.

so yay there's dvd. and YAY WE GET TO SEE AKAME MURASAKI ACTION. life is good. :D

then again, this is not confirmed; don't kill me if things don't turn out that way. *dodges tomatoes* let's keep our fingers (and toes) crossed. :X

edit (yet again):
i'm sure you guys already find me annoying lol

but anyway, kame was filming during hanasanaide ai, and he kept filming maru's crotch. he did it normally for the rest of the members. ROFL

concerts for tomorrow and the day after will be planned by all of KT.

okay i promise there's no more. OTL


{icons} PV &CKT screencaps, old graphics

Way to kill boredom? Edit photos!!!

1.I already made dozens so i think it's time to share them. :P The photos are screencaps I did from KAT-TUN PVS (One Drop, Signal and Rescue) and Cartoon KAT-TUN episodes


I'll really appreciate if you leave comments.
Please credit if you're using. :)


2. My old graphic are also UP for grabs. comment and credit of taking. Pardon if they're not that nice okay?

3.I already poster this before in my journal but now I'm sharing it to every one. AKAME mousie story!!!
btw,so you won't be confused on who's who between the two mousies...

this is KAME: the white one with a pink tummy
this is JIN:the pink one with a white tummy

Want to read AKAME Mousie story?