May 19th, 2009

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fanfiction: pinda (r; oneshot)

* The Best Deceptions (In Which Ueda Goes Clubbing and the World Stops Making Sense)
Rating: R
Pairing: Yamashita Tomohisa + Akanishi Jin/Ueda Tatsuya
Summary: Jin and Yamapi take Ueda out clubbing on the eve of Domucon. (No, really.)
Disclaimer: This is fo realz. And toilets can fly.
Notes: Birthday fic for my rockstar lover Jinface yararanger! Also my contribution to Intergroup Unity Month~ :D

(Apparently, it's PinDa day. *points at fic below this* ;D Very fitting, I say. It's Jin's Domucon day today and there's nothing like hot PiDa loving to back him up.)
I love Jin 1999

Jin Tego Word War 2

While we are all waiting for the Day 5 Jin's Day for Mars, fancon reports, chew on this.

I'm not starting another word war though I had fun during the last one but check out this post that Tegoshi who was a guest on Koyama's radio program May 18 said:

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Jin Cool

[MP3] I wonder wonder wonder why~~~

Hey, i have uploaded Jin's and Crystal Kay's song in BTR concert. The title is [Wonder]. If anybody wanted to download it, here is the link:

But, the audio is in bad quality because it's ripped from fancam video that i got on youtube. Sorry, i forgot who have uploaded it.

If you guys wanted to upload it to other site, i don't mind ^^ but please credit me.


Translation of fan report 19/5

Okay so I did not go to the concert, sadly.
But because I have not seen any concert reports tonight yet, and thinking that some of you might be as anxious as me, i kind of went to other websites like Japanese fans blogs and chinese websites to look for fanreports.

And, I was thinking i could translate some parts for you guys!

So under the cut please!

and hmm main points only! :D

Oh by the way in Jin's production today, he included le ciel, Murasaki, 6senses and love or like!!!

Okay, so translation starts now, from different sources. :D

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just jin x3

Actual Fanmail Address of KAT-TUN?

Hello everyone!

My friend sent a letter zu Kazuya one week ago, but it returned to her today. They cancelled the address she wrote on the letter and I´m wondering why, cause I thought it was the actual address.

Maybe does anybody of you know any changes or the actual address??

I would be really happy if you could help, cause any search at google was really helpless.

Thank you so much for your effort and let´s hope for a successful rest of Domucon~

Greetz, Pinky