May 16th, 2009


Today`s Break the Records fancams*

Here are some fancams. I only have few uploaded on youtube...
Here are some previews ENJOY~ was an amazing con!! <3.

*Yorokobi no uta -
*Keep the faith -
*Dont u ever stop -
*White Xmas -
*Sadistic love -

Kame solo to added (HOT!!!)
Maru FAILED bungee jump to be added
Some Koki and Junno solos to be added
No Ueda, Jin, and Maru solo fancams...battery DIED...pissed off LOL.
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Concert goods

Is anyone else going to the concerts?
Can you pick up some goods for me please?!!!
Please comment here or PM me :)

Anyway, since I knew there would be a lot of fan reports and fancams around, so I've created this community to keep track of them all in case you want to reread the reports all over again and can't find them (I know I will)
It's not necessary for you to join, as it's on the front page XD

So if you're looking for fan reports of Break The Records check it out yo! at concert_love 

Mods, I hope I tagged it right XD

{ Fic } All for my sweetheart {1/2}

Title: All for my sweetheart

Author: Kawaiikame

Genre: Angst, romace

Pairing: Akame

Beta by:


Warning: M-preg!

Summary: "That was his first time having sex, and it was with someone he doesn't even know, or how he looks like, or his name, or if he's young or old. Kazuya doesn't remember all these things as he wake up the next morning in his own bed feeling sticky and dirty. "

Part 1



1582, Bungee Jump fancams!

Here I am again...its taking too long to upload and I have homeworks to do..soo Koki and Junno solo must be uploaded later with the rest since Im going again..but I cannot gurantee I will be able to get my missing solo`s soo ENJOY~

**1582 -
*Maru failed bungee jump -
akam3lov3 SUBSCRIBE =).

I apologies ahead for my hard FANSQUEL...I could not help it!!!...

Shops in Italy

Hello Hello~♥

I'm going to Italy next month with my class,

so I would like to know, are there any shops in Italy (especially Venice or Salo) where I can buy KAT-TUN or other Johnny's groups stuff?

I already searched in other communities, but I couldn't find a list with JE shops in Italy T_T Just other countries.


Please help ♥

Thank you! ♥



[One-shot] Love Me Already

Title: Love Me Already
Paring: Akame + Yamapi
Fandom: JE
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst
Summary: Jin has been seeing him for a very long time, but tonight he wants more, he wants to feel.
Notes: Written after reading the fan reports of Domucon. I really wanted to write Kame in a kimono with red lipstick *___* Enjoy! Not betaed (yet).

The rain poured out of the sky onto the empty streets.