April 26th, 2009

KAT-TUN//Kamenashi Kazuya - annoyed

[MOD] Album uploads.

I was waiting for an answer from jone_records before making this announcement, and they were waiting for their poll about this subject to finish, but the leak kinda forced our hand early.

First of all:
Do NOT post anymore upload links for the zip file until the 29th.

From now on:
☆Do NOT post the full zip of an album UNTIL the release date.
☆When you DO post the zip, include a link to buy the album from any of these locations:

Please note that the rule regarding tracking links still applies.

Regarding the posts already made:
Since you guy didn't have much warning about this change occurring, I am not deleting any of the posts...yet.

I will be leaving comments with each of the people that have posted the links and asking them to add the sales link. Those that do not comply will have their posts deleted.

Again, this is a joint effort between kattunlove and jone_records.

Links at J-one:
Their rules regarding the uploads from now on
The discussion/poll post

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here, or to send me an lj-message, but if you send me a message, make sure you have your privacy settings set so that I can reply to you.

j - shock - KK -  aching

Three line love letters from cartoon kat-tun love segment

Hi minna
This time i decided to post the three line love letters which were shown in the ctkt love segment episodes. But there arent a lot because after the first few shows, the concept kinda changes and they didnt show the videos anymore. But If I am wrong correct me. :D

Dozo, enjoy

KAT-TUN's fans (also) getting famous ??!!

I don't know if this appropriate for posting this here.
I just want to share about how KAT-TUN may get well known because of their fans in our country.

actually today, in one of Indonesia newspaper, there's an article about KAT-TUN's fans
you can read the article in my LJ: KAT-TUN Indonesia

this is our attempt to spread KAT-TUN to the world (esp in Indonesia)
We hope KAT-TUN can get more attention in our country.

so lets bring KAT-TUN to the WORLD!!!