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Making it world wide!
April 8th, 2009 
02:25 am(no subject)
I was wondering, was Kame's younger brother in Johnny's before?


I believe the pitcher is Kame's brother because I recall in some thread showing a screencap of this video mentioning that is Kame's little brother. Even Yoko mentioned about Kame's brother in the video. Is he still in Johhny's or did he go to other talent agency?

Another question, does somebody know where can I get videos on Johnny's Sports Day for 2004 and 2005?
04:54 am - graphics & mp3s!
sleeping tat-chan <3

Hello all,

I've made some icons and wallpaper from KAT-TUN's 08-09 calendar, as well as some gifs from LIPS pv and Shounen Club.

Also, I've uploaded a bunch of MP3 rips from old episodes of Shounen Club and MISC performances, and this week's [20090407] R-One KAT-TUN.

Do check out my lj for them! ^^


eg. of MP3 rips uploaded:
Kame's Bokura no Machi de on Shounen Club Premium
Kame's Seishun Amigo on Shounen Club
Ueda & Koki's Rhodesia on Shounen Club
KAT-TUN's various Medley performances on Shounen Club

(click for the graphics & mp3 rips!)

02:25 pm - 1582
I'm not sure if this deserves its own separate thread, but at several mentions of Oda Nabunaga and the Incident at Honnō-ji relation to Kame's song, I got this huge feeling I'd heard him say this name before. And he did, if you remember during the making of One Drop, when they were all having their dorktastic quizzing time, the question Kame asked was this:

"Oda Nabunaga was surrounded and forced to commit suicide at the Honnoji Temple. Who knew how to corner him in there?"

I guess that pretty much means that 1582 is just about that and possibly dedictated to ManU. I guess this solo was more well and longer thought out than we thought.

A link to that part of the making on YouTube if anyone wants to rewatch! Subbing credit to the wonderful newshfan.

(Mods delete this if it's too trivial!)
05:15 pm - [ICONS] kAmE
Kame-your smile make my world better
yoo minna.....
somE kame icons >.<

check it

Title : Don't wanna be alone.. *one shot*
Rating </strong>: see for yourself..
Genre : Angst/drama..
Disclaimer : don't own anything Just the plot..
Pairings : Akame *Kin*
Summary : kamenashi kazuya a 23 years old man ..
an idol in a JE band .. living alone .. he was really getting bored with his way of living...
always tried to change it but everything would fall if he did... Have so much work... to tell the truth: he deliberately over work himself to avoid what ever he feels!

part 1 can be found @ kinkunsoul LJ

part 2 can be found @ kinkunsoul LJ

part 3 can be found @ kinkunsoul LJ

part 4 can be found @ kinkunsoul LJ

part 4 can be found @ kinkunsoul LJ

GD Cute

Hi all!

As we've seen, there have been a lot of previews of the to-be-latest Popeye magazine with Jin in it, and i really want to buy it!! So can anyone recommend a website where they ship internationally (to the UK) and the shipping fee isn't too costly?

Another Q is that can anyone tell me how i can buy/pre-order the to-be-latest issue of Popeye via this website please? And again,, how much is the shipping fee to the UK?

Thanks in advance! and sorry for the spam!!

p.s. i hope i've tagged this correctly! if not, then please do notify me and i'll change it asap ^^

08:03 pm - JIN, POPEYE

that's just a preview...

more icons shall be made after my dinner - but some here

happy nakame
Format: AVI
Resolution: 1080x720

Download: MF
x-posted here with all the other converted videos.

B.A.P - Himchan - Mechanichan
I capped the HQ version of the MV, RESCUE.  It has subs on it, because I don't speak Japanese and I download for my own benefit, but yeah... I thought I'd share.

Artist: KAT-TUN
Music Video: RESCUE
Capture Details: 1,315 caps, 960x576px
File Size: 342.78MB (Split into four parts)
Subtitled: Yes
Examples: [1]--[2]--[3]--[4]--[5]--[6]--[7]--[8]

Download links over here @ onigiri_caps.

Direct Link to Post: Here

Comment over there if you're downloading. ^_^  Or you can just comment, I don't mind. Hehehe.

F-Locked in 72 Hours? Possibly?

I made wallies from the preview of POPEYE. Thanks to pornvilai   4 scans and nyctea62442   for translation and lyrics^^

get them HERE @j_ikemen 
tegoshi, ai ai gasa
Hello everybody.
After watching this community for a while I finally have something to share. I have made some really simple icons of the Queen of Pirates concert. Hope that you enjoy.


Find the rest here.
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