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January 31st, 2009 
Dara abs
Olah. *huffs && puffs* Done it again. .GIFS, i meant. This is Part 2 of the QoP project that I am working on :D To see a lotta other icons from QoP, click here for Part 1.


Teasers :

Highlights :
- Kame being hot && sexxy I'm not even going to lie
- Kame and his hips!
- Kame and his fingers!
- Only Kame can pull of with that crazy parted hair && still look hot.
- Kame && his hot sexxy moves :D
- Kame being a DORK!
- Jin being hot.
- Jin && his damn bells!
- Jin and his tequila shot && dance
- Jin hip thrust!
- Taguchi && his game thing...?
- Poor Taguchi gets mistreated again~ :)
- Koki being a gangster <33
- Koki is VIOLENT!
- YamaP seems to like Koki....?
- Aw, Ueda-hime smiles a lot in here!
- Ueda kills Taguchi <333
- Ueda becomes an uber DORK!
- Nakamaru and his finger surprises :D
- Silly Nakamaru as usual
- Cute KameDa~
- Hints of JunKi
- TaNaka is back!~

( Here to a bajillion of Kame, Jin, Taguchi, Koki, Ueda-hime && silly Nakamaru hotness! )

Also, ha ha ha, I'm not done yet! Another banner thingy again! Yay! This time its MaruDa though, only because I love them so :D

Once again, there are instructions how to apply this :P If you want to see more of my other ones, click here :D

Teaser :

Comment && Credit <333
Comment && Credit <333

yo dormida

News recap from January 29 to January 31 

Magazines resume and previews, "Rescue" companion songs, a bit on R&J and some radio news plus a small extra

akame - te wo tsunaide
Title: To Remember Forever
Author: marlenem
Genre: general
Pairing: none (Kame/Koki friendship) / KAT-TUN
Rating: G
Summary: The ’What is Love’ section of Cartoon KAT-TUN comes to an end and the staff decides to teach the members what love really means.

Kobayashi winks at him and he’s perfectly aware of that he, unlike Kame, knows every detail of the special episode. Kame isn’t annoyed, he just finds it amusing how the man winks whenever he thinks something interesting is about to happen.
BRZ | BARABARA autograph
I hope this wouldn't sound rude on my part but I'm curious to know do the guys smoke ?

I think Akame does it ? Because I saw Akanishi puffing away during the TABOO performance in the QoP DVD & the same thing goes for Kame when I saw him smoking a cigarette on the screen of w/o notice ?? when he was doing arts & crafts prior to him singing it .

Sorry for asking this & mods , please delete this should you find this post offensive/insensitive on my part .
05:43 pm - KAT-TUN wallies
akame crunky


I've made some wallies

1 Kamenashi Kazuya
1 Akanishi Jin


get them here at keikosaporta 
08:08 pm - layout~
a new layout for you all~
hope you like.

{click image for larger view}

can be found @ okimiyage 

08:13 pm - Wish me a PV
I was just wondering what PV-less KAT-TUN song you wish had a PV. And if you have any special ideas, or wishes regarding what it would be like.

For me, I guess it'd be...Collapse )
First time poster, don't kill me! *meeps and hides*

Hi guys gals.
my first time posting.
After watching the QoP, it really bothers me a lot!!! @@
i really want to know what's the 2 songs that were sang in the "Of Course" Series of that section.


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