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January 21st, 2009 
KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams
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Kami no Shizuku EP1
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You Can Find The Rest Here @ kamesoul 
Today there was a BIG press coveradge of Ueda's "Romeo and Juliet" butai, we bring it plus translations, some information on Kt next TV appearances for OD promo and some magazines ;)
                                                                                  HERE at tsuyaka 

Ueda was on ZoomIn this morning in an interview about Romeo and Juliet with the rest of the cast. He said he went to Shakespeare's grave/memorial in England and talked to people who said "ganbatte" and then he said "I am Japanese Romeo" (in English).

More pictures and a video to follow

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Bass guitar Maru
I am always afraid to ask any questions on this community, but i really need to find the answer to this one.

I was wondering if the Tickets for Romeo and Juliet were only for Fanclub members (through balloting) or can they be bought via the Theater (like any regualr plays).

If so, when are the tickets going on sale and what is the proceedure to buy some?

I am moving to Japan next month, thus i will be there when the play stars and end...but i am not part of the Fanclub yet and by the time i join, the play will be long gone...so i am kinda hoping that tickets are open to general public.

I am a huge Shakespearian fan (i studied Shakespear in Theater school and played in various plays of his) and I am also a Huge Ueda Fan...so this is a dream come true for me. I would pay anything to see that play.

any informations regarding this matter, is appreciated.

09:03 am(no subject)
Title: Dreaming
Group/pairing: AkaKame
Prompt: #13 Future for je_prompts
Word Count: 487
Disclaimer: If you mean a red turtle pin cushion then yes I totally own akakame, but otherwise no the boys do not belong to me.

It used to be that he worked too much – taking on far too many jobs all at once – that he would only get one or two hours of sleep

Prompt: for je_prompts #29 Season pt 2
Group/pairing: KAT-TUN, Arashi / AkaKame(Jin x Kame) & Juntoshi (Jun & Satoshi)
Notes: Summer and Fall of the four seasons. Spring and Winter Here

Season 2
KAME-aishiteiru kara
ep2 chinese subbed

ep1: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/PXVWqJO-jl0/

[check my jornal every thursday for sub updates~ not updating in comm nemore]

*would you girls/guys like summary of each ep?
Decided to advertise the fanvids I've made... There's Hayato / Ryu one (Gokusen 2) and an "original" Akame one. There are also a couple of Code Blue vids and a Last Friend - vid. Hope you enjoy =)

Check them
here at my journal

 Anyone know where I could listen to / find KT's One Drop? Thanks in advance !


hi minna

i wanna share wiz u ^_^

this wallpapers

wish u love it ^______^


dozo )
07:27 pm - JIN FANVID
First time I want to share a fanvid I made. Please enjoy !!

Jin is a good dancer, ne ?

X-posted in yorokobi_no_utaand</a>jin_daily
08:14 pm - icons
「erika 」walk away
18 KAT-TUN icons
27 NEWS icons



Click for more~
10:50 pm - Dates and Data

"Rescue" single date and preorder set, "RESCUE" drama press conference, dates added to Maru's promo schedule, magazine preview and magazine views and a bit more 

                                                                    HERE in Tsuyaka

kame - peace yo
At a friend's request, translation for the last page of KAT-TUN's section in the January 2009 Popolo. Includes a question to Nakamaru, as well as a question to the whole group. (Possibly snippets of the members talking about themselves when they were younger coming soon.)

Translation here.
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