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Making it world wide!
January 14th, 2009 
01:00 am - News News
This time a bit more on "R&J", Lotte Plus X boxes, new "RESCUE" video with an extra treat ;), Look at Star! magazine, The Television, TV Gaido and Tokyo Friends Park II

Kame updated the KAT-TUN Manual yesterday morning (Japan time), and here's the link to the translation and pictures of his crazy emoticon usage xD

KAT-TUN Manual K
{KAME EATS} ♥___♥

Back with (not too) old scans~~
I scanned my 2003.05 Myojo issue  =D
Follow the fake cut for preview + download links ♥

Here's part 4 and 5 of my screencaptures/gifs/snark series. That finishes off the DVD

Part 4
Part 5


Title: The Singer and the PR Manager

Author: Littl3_Turtle45 and Lizard_chan19

Rating: R (Smut Later on…promise.)

Main Pairing: JunDa, Akira X Tatsuya

Pairings: AKAme, TaNaka, OhRyo, TegoPi

Summary: Akira Hanzo is a brilliant PR (Public Relations) Manager and his experience went far and wide…but when something unexpected happens and Akira starts thinking about what happened back then? Six Years ago Akira turned away from his only love, Tatsuya, but what happens when he comes back to find out that the love of his life is now his client?

Genre: Drama

Disclaimer: We just own the plot…unfortunately we don’t the Characters…except Akira. (Littl3_Turlte45: I own him.)


“So you’re Akira Hanzo? You don’t look like much. Wonder what Ryo-chan was grumbling about him trying to steal Ohkura-kun away from him? He doesn’t seem like a bad person…actually he seems a tad bit dull. Just like a business man.” The young man said quietly to himself. “Mou…Ryo-chan is so mean to make me do this on my day off.”
Books hazy
Title: The Taguchi Method of Falling in Love
Author: Sylvia
Pairing: Taguchi Junnosuke / Nishikido Ryo
Rating: G (all audiences)
Word count: Slightly over 5,000 words

Betaed by solo and k_julia. Thank you again!

Junno falls in love the way other people catch the flu.

Feedback of all kinds - positive and negative - is much appreciated.
estiloamor, hand

Title: Of Life Sciences

Pairing: HayaRyu
Genre: um...

Summary: What happens when Hayato and Ryu decide to study Science?

A/N: I’m in this fic!!

PROMPTS: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, my new cell phone. Everything is explained here.


“Hydrogen is such a slut”

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