January 7th, 2009

KAT-TUN//Akanishi Jin - WWJD

[MOD] Respect for privacy.

In regards to a post made (very) recently about someone's facebook account:

Some of you might think we're being a bit overboard, but the mods here try to respect what little privacy the guys have. I would think that the rest of you guys would as well, but since some people haven't, this post is somewhat necessary.

If you think you have good reason to believe that so-and-so facebook/myspace/wtf-ever account might actually be real, do not post the links or the screen names here.

The guys are lucky they can go to the toilet without having someone following along snapping pictures, so we should all at least TRY to be a little respectful of their privacy.

I don't have time to go into this more, so this is being very cut short. You're all welcome to argue your point with me/us, I'll respond when I get back home, but I'll tell you now, it's not likely to change our stand on this.


Fans project for Kame birthday and KAT-TUN anniversary

1.01 Kazuya Kamenashi Birthday
  • Give your wish to Kame in form of drawing/writing/sketch/etc.
  • Due Date: 31st January 2009
2. KAT-TUN Anniversary Project
  • Take a picture of u along with KAT-TUN stuffs (i.e. Poster, CDs, DVDs, Uchiwa, Mags, Bag, & etc.) and your place as a background. Don't forget to give your wishes on the pic.
  • For the background of the pic. u may want to show your country best/signature places e.g. KLCC @ Malaysia
  • Due Date: 15th February 2009

    more information at  kat_tun_kcs
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Help find a fic pls...

Good day friends! ~_~
i'm sorry to be a bother, but i'm searching for a fic that goes like this,
kazu,jin and pi are good friends, till jin was framed by Johnny for giving drugs to Jin's roommate (who eventually died...sorry i forgot the name of the roomy), then kazu was forced to lie to the court coz, jin's life was at risk. The ending of the story was, Kazu decided to also spend i think 2 years in jail because he feels guilty for he believes that he rob Jin's 2 years of youth by lieing in court.

Waaaaaa! i hope i made sense in explaining what i'm looking for. Uchi is also involved there, so as ryo-chan, i think ryo-chan is an owner of a flower shop?

Sorry, i forgot the author and the title...i've read this for about 10 months ago....please, someone help me....i'm searching for this fic for 2 days now, huhuhu...thank you!!!!!
[bbcrh] targeted
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「One-Shot」Change Your Stars

Title: Change Your Stars
Rating: PG
Summary: We struggle through life, pushed around and ignored. Yamapi has always struggled through life to achieve his dream of becoming a music producer. Kame has always struggled to be heard, unable to deal with not taken seriously. He lashes out at the new intern. They struggle with their feelings towards one another, each gravitating towards an unsure future.
Prompt: Arashi - We Can Make It!
Warnings: Slight AU (as in KAT-TUN exists, but NEWS never did), angst, alcohol consumption.
Notes: Originally written for the je_ficgames.

Change Your Stars this a-way

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Akame in CK100

[One-Shot] Summer Ice Cream

It's been a long time since I last updated my fics *i know i failed there #_# * BUT i have a bribe for all of you,, a nice juicy oneshot! lol


Title: Summer Ice Cream
Pairing: AKAME
Genre: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don’t own them but I feed fics to the pervee’s! XD
Summary: The boys tried to cool themselves but turned out even hotter! *_*

A/N: A one-shoot that came out from the drabble that I made go check it out HERE.

“Uhm, fhrom eh fhrend uf yurz.. hmm”

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HEY PPLE! There's this PETITION for KAT-TUN TO COME SINGAPORE! pls go n sign! =DD It's to the unusual productions which is a local company selling most of the concert tickets in Singapore. So I believe this would be of use? cause currently onli a small number of people signed there. =(


Can spread around? onegai~ =D