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December 26th, 2008 
Here icons about:
▪ Rainie Yang [ 15 ]
▪ Kamenashi Kazuya [ 09 ]
▪ Rainie Yang & Wilber Pan [ 09 ]
▪ Hebe Tian & Aaron Yan [ 04 ]
▪ Miss no Good [ 06 ]
▪ Kim Ah-Jung [ 07 ]
▪ Wilber Pan [ 08 ]
▪ Rainie Yang - animations [ 04 ]
▪ Miss no Good - animations [ 06 ]
▪ Hyori Lee - header [ 01 ]
▪ Hyori Lee & Lee Dong Gun - header [ 01 ]


...more...Collapse )

Title: Christmas Morning

Author: Mastrmanipul8r (Darkladyxion)

Pairing: Akame

Rating: PG

Summary: Christmas morning in the Akakame household.

Disclaimer: Don’t own them, I’m just the voyeur in their closet.

A/N: Was finished being written 12 minutes after Christmas day. A bit late but I hope it will still be appreciated.

This way please...
today i make KAT-TUN & Ueda White X'mas theme
here some preview~~

UEDA kawaii <3Collapse )
04:40 am - Butterfly

Title: Butterfly

Author: Kawaiikame

Pairing: Akame, Jin/OC

Genre: romance, angst, fluff

Summary:  They are the two of the richest family in Japan, they're friends, and they shared everything together from the very start. They thought that they could always have this peaceful lifestyle that is filled with happiness around untill the very end."But, what went wrong? The mistake was that they care for money more than love. But who could blame them? They're used to this lifestyle with everything perfectly laid out for them, and they could do anything to keep it like that even if they have to make their two oldest sons marrying each other.
Even if that would cause their daughter to have a broken heart, even if that would destroy their young dream of being family together and have children.
Even if they could make their son fall in love with his sister's boyfriend.

Beta: [info]peace_l0v3  thank you wina-chan ~ you're the best ~

( Prolouge and Chapter 1 )


07:08 am - Wallpapers)
Kamenashi Kazuya {3}
Akame {1}
Nishikido Ryo {2}
Koichi Domoto {1}
Yamashita Tomohisa {1}
SS501 {1}

1024x768 only


more in my journal
Kame | Great |

Title : Unexpected Love
Genre : fluffy...
Rating : PG13 for safe..
Summary : Jin is one of the host club in Angel Host Club.. How he serves a customer that is a MAN?? bad summary -_-'
Beta-ed by : raixas

PART 1 : 1st meeting..
PART 2 : 1st kiss..
PART 3 : 2nd meeting..


: Our Love..

Last part~!!

Comments are very LOVE~!! ~(^o^)~

12:19 pm - 39 icons
akame + takki = awesome
Total (39)
Kamenashi Kazuya (7)
Akanishi Jin (5)
Taguchi Junnosuke (5)
Tanaka Koki (5)
Ueda Tatsuya (5)
Nakamaru Yuichi (5)
Akame (7)


( Faded Memories )
12:47 pm - Icons~
cy → glances
24 -> Kamenashi Kazuya
10 -> Akanishi Jin
10 -> Nishikido Ryo
04 -> Hongo Kanata
04 -> Mizushima Hiro
08 -> Miura Haruma
08 -> Misc: Taguchi Junnosuke, Tanaka Koki, Ueda Tatsuya, Keiichiro Koyama, Sato Takeru, Koikei Teppei.

Total: 68


(fly as high as you can, but remember to comeback to me~)
02:41 pm - FANART

Akame X'mas Sketch

And some other fanarts...
Check it all in my journal...

Comments are loveeeee...
03:46 pm - WALLPAPERS
hai minna, i make KATTUN wallpapers juz now..
hope u guys like it..



@ here at my LJ @

*feel free drop me a comment...^-^
So.. i was wondering.. how do i search for Kat-tun videos on Clubbox?

Im kinda... noob at clubbox.... so can anyone teach me WHERE to search for Kat-tun files on Clubbox? I can't understand the language there
Maru&#39;s hips don&#39;t lie
Mello Everyone,

I hope everyone's Christmas was full of fun!
I also hope our 6 men had a great Christmas as well.

However, I picked up my Queen of Pirates DVD today as a Christmas Present to myself! ^_^

Under the link is pictures...NOT SCANS..of the DVD and the collectables cards...
Spoliers obviously under the cut....

DVD Holder + DVDSCollapse )

6 Wanted MenCollapse )

I hope you enjoyed this!

Kame touch
Hi! I've scanned Kame's pages in Hanako, with, and MISS.
There's a page of Nakamaru in Hanako too.

Click for HQ scans. Enjoy =D
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