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Making it world wide!
December 8th, 2008 
cy → glances
+ Kamenashi Kazuya: 18
+ Akanishi Jin: 1
+ Haruma Miura: 12
Total: 31


More at june_natsuyuki
01:23 am - Quick Question
I'm really new to Live Journal, so sorry in advance if any of this is wrong. >w<

I was recently watching Summary 2004 and I got to one of the last performances and I couldn't figure out the name or artist of the song.  I've looked around for a track list, but since wiki.theppn is down, I can't find one. TT_TT

I'm looking for the name of one of the last songs that's performed, where NEWS and KAT-TUN are both up on wires spinning in a circle in white outfits, right before NEWS performs Akaku Moyuru Taiyou.  The instrumental for the song is also playing in the background as all the boys are saying goodbye at the end.

Since KAT-TUN is part of this performance, I figured this would be an appropriate place to ask.  Please remove this if it isn't.

Also, if at all possible could someone upload a concert or CD rip of the song?  The part where they're all singing the slow version of the song on the ground and then NEWS and KAT-TUN get pulled up into the air if at all possible.

Thanks in advance!  And sorry, I wasn't really all that sure about how to tag this... >.>
I saw a hilarious vid in youtube and I think there's still no one who's posting this video here..

So yah, dozo~ ^__^
NOTE: Maru is kinda being bullied here.. xDDD and I laughed alot while viewing this. LoL! ^^

if you only wanted to see Maru being bullied..Collapse )

Check it out...! =P

I love Jin 1999
Hi! I made my first ever fanvideo-All I want for Christmas is Jin Akanishi.

You can watch it here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJLpXHaEBxY

or here:http://islandgurl84.livejournal.com/4322.html

Happy Holidays everyone!
10:07 am(no subject)
a ☆ mint balloons
Random Fandoms # oo7

there's a LOT of iconsss !!

preview ::

HERE @ bigbang_mint
O. Ex.
Title: Mad for nothing
Author: gachapin18
Pairing: Akame
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don`t own Akame. NeYo owns the song.
Note: inspired by the song Mad by NeYo.

(Mad for nothing)
04:27 pm - elf!JE Boys. 8D
So my friend sent me a video of the JE boys as elves.....


XDD Don't kill me. It was funny. Kekekeke~

05:13 pm - profile layouts~
i come with another profile layout.
it matches the journal layout i made.

... and it features akame XD

{click image for actual size}

can be found here @ okimiyage 
I like the color that's why I made some wallies...

2 kame
1 jin
1 akame
3 kat-tun


Click for more.....

hanako tie
To see White X'mas sales number until today, please go here :
White X'mas Oricon Sales Daily Chart

i'm speechless..

08:30 pm - KAT-TUN icons
{5} Jin
{3} Kame
{3} Juno
{3} Maru
{4} Koki
{4} Ueda
{4} KoKame
{2} AKame
{1} Kame+Juno
{1} KoKame+AKame


Dara abs

OMF-GOSH! I finalllllly finished it! It took me 6 straight hours to finish all these and the codes! >__________________< gahhhhh!
Everything is done. All you'd have to do is put in the code.

Thanks to minty_peach  for letting me use her layouts!

There are instructions if you dont know how to. :D

Each picture leads to a different link, so please pick one. AKAME, MARUDA or JUNNOKI?



Junno Jin
I am curious to know because I think  some of KAT-TUN fans
have this inner deep feeling when they listen to KAT-TUN songs.

Go to below. Otsukaresama deshita!

The most saddest and meaningful KAT-TUN song
( surveys)

happy nakame
Do you want some tips on how to flirt with your crush? Well the JE Boys will help you... XD

right this way please..

[Tips from the JE Boys... ]
Title:     Stolen + Holding + Top

Pairing:   AKAME

Rating:   G (Very safe..)

Genre:   Fluffy, romance...???

Summary:   Too short for summary...

Notes:   This is my first try to do a drabble. Take a look and read it. Anyway, thanks a lot for my beta-er, zaidorazhou who still manage to beta-ing my fic in her busy day.

To the drabble

This is my first try wrote the drabble. Yoroshiku~


Title: White Christmas
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Akame, Jin/OC
Summary: They wait in the snow for different people on Christmas night.
Disclaimer: not mine. Lyrics for White Christmas is taken from ikimasu_subs (=
A/N: The fic is based on KAT-TUN's White Christmas PV. But it's only based on Kame and Jin's stories though :D As soon as I saw the PV, this story was begging itself to be written :D

(Until Christmas is over, I'll be waiting.)
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