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Making it world wide!
December 6th, 2008 
03:26 am(no subject)
Hi, everyone ^^

Wallpapers with Kame, Jin and group.


You can get them here in my LJ.

Hope you'll like them ;)

shinya in hotel
i was jsut wondering if anyone out there would be sooooo nice and put all the factory skits from the making ofs (starting at making of KtF) in one video together?
i´m sure this "film" would be AWESOME, but i totally can´t use such software so please ... if u have time and luv for this ... ^oo^

did i miss one part?
it all started in
- KtF ne?
after that came a skit in ...
- LIPS (thx for reminding me^^)
- DUES-MakingOf
- White X-mas- MakingOf.
In a celebration a Fri I can be at home ^^~

KAT-TUN talk + White X'mas on MS Dec 05 2008 
DL it here

{ 150 Icons } & { 6 Header }
the Icons & Header I made ....

]:[ Icons ]:[
[03] Aya Ueto
[15] Akanishi Jin
[20] Kamenashi Kazuya
[03] koda kumi
[20] Hanazakari no Kimitachi e {Hana Kimi}
[05] F.T Island
[05] Oguri Shun
[13] Roma Tanaka
[10] Ikuta Tohma
[08] Mizushima Hiro
[08] Jang Geun Seok
[09] Miyavi
[30] Morning Musume
]:[ Header ]:[
[01]Akanishi Jin
[02] Kamenashi Kazuya
[01] Morning Musume
[02] Kat tun
 Cut ... Enter here more icons & Header... (=^_^=)V

estiloamor, hand

Title: Love in Snow

Length: One-shot

Genre: Romance and non-existent angst

Pairing(s): JunDa, JinNo, Akame, KoDa

Summary: Based on Love in Snow by Ueda Tatsuya.

A/N: Based on Love In Snow by Ueda Tatsuya. It’s a song-fic (At least I think that’s what it’s called). Please go easy on me. I'm sick and I am suffering from lack of creativity.

A/N2: Ueda and Jin are girls in this fic.




~Love in Snow~
Author : kelyh
Pairing : akame
Rating : safe. because it was my first english oneshot and I don't know how to write it  xD
Summary : Jin came back after 6 months.. how will react Kame?
Warning : un-betaed

It's my first english fic. I'm spanish, so maybe you'll find some mistakes.. or maybe not.. I don't know xD. Anyway, I hope you like it ^^.
Thanks for reading~
Read more...Collapse )here @ kelyh.livejournal.com

ryo xD
Title: It was you after all
Author: gachapin18
Pairing: Akame
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don`t own Akame. I own half of the plot again? XD

(It was you after all)
Utakata Beauty
Title: I'm already there
Pairing: Nakamaru x Ueda
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Disclaimer: Not owning those guys mentioned in this fic. They just own themselves. And probably Johnny owns part of them, but I don't have a proper proof for that.
Summary: Ueda had a very, very bad date and needs someone to get him home....
Comment: After my very first Fanfiction for KAT-TUN actually was an Akame FF (though it was in German...) I decided to at least make the second one Maruda. Because I really do love Maruda.
Comments are always ♥

I'm already there....

We, KAT-TUN's fans from Malaysia need all your help. I know that this has been posted earlier but since we really need more help, so I post this again. We need your help to vote for KAT-TUN at poprainbow forum to make our dream, come to Malaysia and do the concert here next year. Just go to this website....


You need to register first to vote. It's just a simple registration and NO fee that will charge. And after you had register, go here...

Feedback & Suggestion >>> J-pop Concert In Malaysia

And vote for KAT-TUN...But if you want to vote another group, I can't stop you because it's your right to vote who you want. Besides KAT-TUN, another group that JE approve are NewS, Arashi, T&T and Hey Say Jump. At this moment, Arashi is at the front with 38.96% and just a little gap with KAT-TUN which is 37.73%. So, maybe your vote can make our dream come true. And if this is success, you're almost welcome to come to Malaysia to attend the concert. ^^

Also, please visit to is_kazuchan or is-kazuchan.livejournal.com/2008/11/27/ for further information of our project.

Thank you for all your help. *bows*
11:49 pm(no subject)
- White X'mas 4th Day Sale
- Hat grand prix 2008 results
- KAT-TUN 王様のブランチ video translation
- AKAME witness
- Kame's radio program translation (AKAME-related)
- Kame related blog translation **edited

Koki on NACK 5 radio program translation & KAT-TUN New Single Special SITE Message :D
* SITE Message from Ueda & Nakamaru added in.
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