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December 4th, 2008 
kat-tun // mirrored 'you'
It seems like a lot of people missed this info since it was only posted in the comments but here it is.

There is now a First Press edition for the Queen of Pirates DVD and it comes with 6 collectible cards (perhaps one of each member). It was only announced yesterday (or two days ago), I think.

From the Japanese HMV site: ・初回生産分のみ、Collective Cards (6pieces)封入.
From CDJapan: Collective Cards (6pieces)

The First Press info isn't indicated in the English HMV site, but maybe if you ordered the DVD early (like during the first few days it was announced) then you'll get the FP. If you ordered it early in CDJapan, you'll see that your order has been updated with a *First Press indication beside the DVD, if you go to your account.

Edit #1:
Another info listed in the Japanese HMV site is that the DVD will arrive on Dec. 26th and the orders will be sent out after Dec. 27th, but the official release date listed is still January 1st . I'm not sure if this is indicated for just the FP or for the DVD in general, and if this is even important. Just added this info here.

Edit #2:
Just to clear things up a bit.
The First Press edition is essentially the same as the Regular Edition so they'll have the same product number. The DVD doesn't have an LE, just an RE with the FP. Basically, the FP is the RE just with an additional bonus. A longer explanation of the Japanese text 初回生産分のみ「Collective Cards(6pieces)」封入 means that the first batch of regular edition DVDs that come out from the factory will have the 6 cards but the next batches of regular edition DVD's that they produce won't have the 6 cards anymore. Only the first batch of RE will have the collective cards.

CDJapan just indicated "Limited Edition" in there because they don't know how many DVD's of the first batch (the ones with the 6 cards) they'll be able to get. I hope this cleared up some of the confusion? :/

A member also posted in this comment YesAsia's reply to her inquiry.

Edit #3:
Here's a reply from HMV regarding the DVD FP.
Maru's hips don't lie

If you are still unsure how to post your chaptered fanfictions please go here for the new chaptered fic rules.

Fanfic Updates
November 17 – December 2

Title: Ragdoll
Author: tia_junan
Chapter: 4 - 14
Pairing: Akame

Title: KxK
Author: blue_eyedwolf
Chapter: 3
Pairing: KAT-TUN, YamaPi, and Ryo...and my own fictional twin character

Title: Blackmailing Heart
Author: raixas
Chapter: 2
Pairing: Ryoda

Title: One Week
Author: happyhapee
Chapter: 6
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/ OC

Title: Painted Nails
Author: ardentsinner
Chapter: 11
Pairing: Maruda

Title: All for Love
Author: jaimsterr
Chapter: 1
Pairing: Akame

Title: Baka
Author: leigh1381
Chapter: 3
Pairing: Akame


12:53 am - [MOD] Requests!
Maru's hips don't lie

Please remember that all requests for this community have to be made in this master post.
Individual request posts are no longer allowed on this community - unless they come attached with goodies to share.

If you can fulfill a request, please reply to that comment at the master post.
If you have any questions regarding this procedure, again, please redirect yourself to the master post.

November 17 –December 2

hana_micha: A reupload of the Okinawa episodes in mediafire, mega upload, etc.Fulfill?

crazy_otaku911: Music sheets to ANY KAT-TUN song. Hopefully, Kizuna as well.Fulfill?

kamechan15: Looking for Queen of Pirates Limited Edition Japanese Version to buyFulfill?

quinnsan: “Message for You” MSN sound request Fulfill?

hotdog_gibi: A thesis/reference paper that was once written about fangirl behaviour Fulfill?

speranza28: Any guitar scored for any KAT-TUN song Fulfill?

hagukenken: Would like someone to translate this videoFulfill?

love_monster: Shirtless pics of JunnoFulfill?

nikoree: “Don’t U Ever Stop” & “Kizuna” Piano sheets Fulfill?

Thank you for filling wishes~

Right, I made a wallpaper out of some screenshots I took from White X'mas PV :D

Here's a preview:
Outside of the Window

Are? What are KAT-TUN doing outside my window?Collapse )
The Perfect Couple ~ Goku & ChiChi
i just checked, KAT-TUN Live Tour 2008 Queen Of Pirates ~ First Press is already sold out... at cdjapan
the one with collective cards (6 pieces) is only for First Press rite...??

may i know where else can i get this First Press... cuz when i check Yesasia... they seem don't have this collective cards (6 pieces)... or its not included in the description...

sorry... if i post wrongly :)
journal layouts.

3 - akame
2 - kokame

{click image for larger view}

can be found here @ okimiyage 

jin sing

Title: Thanks for the memories.

Pairing: Akame

Genre: Drama, Angst

Rating: Safe.

Summary: How would you feel when you see the love of your life, standing on the altar and getting married with somebody else? << sucky summary, I know. Just read it!! It’s really sad!!>>

A/N: I tried updating my multichaps, but, I failed. I guess I don’t have enough inspiration to do it?? XD but oh well, I should have inspiration soon because seriously, I have so many pending fics to write~!!!!!!!!!! XD. And yesh, I’m really so excited because it’s gonna be my birthday soon ~!!!

07:40 pm(no subject)
{Icons} Kamenashi Kazuya & Akanishi Jin.
{Headers} Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin, Akame.


Here @ anohi 

08:07 pm(no subject)
Hi there ! It's my first post in this community and since I can't contribute with graphics I thought I could post my drawings

here is my first one of jin :

konnichi wa!!^^
This is my frist post in this community and I want contribute with a fanart that I made some times ago.
I hope you'll like it! please let me know!!
(this is my first fanart of a KAT-TUN's member!! -in fact I'm very anxious of your opinion!! T_T)

Jin Akanishi _art by muyoochan

Title:     Who Do You Love More? (Chapter 5 - Final)

Pairing:     Akanishi Jin & Nishiyama Maki, Kamenashi Kazuya & Ayase Haruka, AKAME

Summary:     They both had their own girl, but is it really their true love?

Notes:     Guys, sorry for the late update. But I did post it this week. Well, this is the FINAL CHAPTER for this fic. First, thanks a lot to my zaidorazhou . Second, to all of you guys, who were reading it from the first chapter and giving the lovely and positive comments. Here it goes, the final chapter. Dozo~

|| Chapter 1 || || Chapter 2 || || Chapter 3 || || Chapter 4 ||

Chapter 5:     Jin, are you okay? You don't look well.

Hope you guys satisfy with it... ^_~

10:41 pm(no subject)

- Second day sale for White X'mas
- Kamenashi Kazuya MANUAL translation (edited, highlighted in blue)
- KAT-TUN related blog translation
- Cartoon KAT-TUN & Music Station ratings

Koki on NACK 5 radio program translation & KAT-TUN New Single Special SITE Message :D
* added Koki's SITE Message

For Koki on NACK 5 radio program translation,
he talks about his impression of KAT-TUN members
& his stageshow ~

For KAT-TUN New Single Special SITE Message,
only Kame, Akanishi, Taguchi & Koki ones.
UN ones not out yet.
Just another one of those posts you may wanna ignore...
( karaoke - White X'mas )
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