November 30th, 2008

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Hey guys...I was youtubing and I thought it was pretty cool that KAT-TUN went on Music Station this week and last week...

What I thought was even cooler was that last time Kame wore glasses and this time Jin did :D

And then I thought the glasses were kinda similar...

I highly doubt that the glasses are the same, but they looked really similar to me at first! What do you guys think??

Video one: Music Station 11/21/08 [Kame glasses] @ around 3:25 ish

Video two: Music Station 11/28/08 [Jin glasses] @ around 1:28 ish

Or, you can just say who looks hotter in glasses ;)

(Mods, a) please delete if not allowed, and sorry!! and b) also many apologies if I tagged this wrong.)

Edit: I also noticed right after posting this (as was mentioned to me) that Koki wears pretty much the same glasses in the PV...sigh, nvm T___T hahaha

KAT-TUN - Peak subbed

hey everybody,

first post on this community and i'm very happy to post here!!!
so why post here? i'm a part of a french team of sub : wibbanobasho 

we have our first release of KAT-TUN the other night!!

we subbed PEAK from the Shounen Club Premium !!!

to see it sub in romaji (for no french-speaker) and french 

credit to tintun 

our next project is "White X'mas" it's alreday done, we just need to encode it.
yoroshiku ~


[art] chibi overload

Taguchi fanart and a short DJ

Rating: Safe
Characters: Kame, Jin, Taguchi
Summary: Jin and Taguchi... who is cooler?
Disclaimer: I do not own them
A/N: This short DJ is actually inspired by my two nephews who really likes to play computer games and there is an extra fanart that is inspired by songkissed and chuukibito "The love Jinjin chronicles" fic. thus, i dedicated this to my nephews and songkissed and chuukibito

Click here
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi


Hello! I bring you January POPOLO's translation in which you will see:

- How Kame's brother made him fetch things for him;
- How Koki was insane about Pokemon;
- How Jin did actually feel bad for not attending to Nakamaru's play;
- How Ueda thinks Nakamaru should get a Perm while Koki chooses a Mohawk cut as the winner
And some more in

Handsome men Suit Collection & Reader’s Questions, the 2 bookends of this round-table discussion.

Kamenashi Kazuya
Akanishi Jin
Taguchi Junnosuke
Tanaka Koki
Ueda Tatsuya
Nakamaru Yuichi

Note: I am by no means fluent in Japanese and this works merely as a training thing for me so if you have any remarks or corrections I'll gladly listen to them. Plus you may look at some translation notes in the end of the article. Comments are highly appreciated but not compulsory :D

Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah

September Tears 1/? (on-going one-shot)

Title: September Tears (On-going one-shot)
Author: xlolitsnozomix
Pairing: Akame
Rating: R
Genre: angst, angst, angst, romance
Summary: Four years away from the Jimusho...Kame has never been lonelier in his life.
Warnings: LOTS OF ANGSTTTTT, more angst?, perhaps an unhappy ending, bad writing because i havent written for 2 months +

A/N: wassup guys?! My comeback fic. It's gunna be a LONGGGGGGGGG one-shot that im still writing but im just getting the first part up for some feedback ^___~ I've been gone wayyy too long, it feels like :x i miss Kat-tun and JE and fandom stuff. But mostly, I miss writing!! SOOO SO MUCH :| so here i am, tossing another one-shot in ur face XD more announcements and updates coming up within this week, i promise. I'll try my best.
enjoy, loves~~

Of course, the reunion was huge, a bunch of fully grown men breaking down in tears—honestly, it was a sight to see.