November 29th, 2008

Maru's hips don't lie
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Mello Everyone!

I wish I could use font size 72, bold,italic, underline and sparkle text out his post but alas I cannot...

Any future celebratory posts on TAGUCHI JUNNOSUKE'S birthday (aka today/tomorrow) will not be allowed. They will be deleted.

Please follow these rules!

1)If you have picspams, downloads, graphics to celebrate his birthday, please comment at this entry.

2)Do not make a new entry.

3) If you have already posted a Junno-spam post, just leave it... But only this post will be tagged as a birthday post.



CD shops in Hokkaido

Hi everyone, i'll be going to Hokkaido next week and i'm thinking of getting the White X'mas(the limited version one) there so does anyone know if there'll be any cd shops that'll probably sell it? And any shops selling JE stuff?

These are the places that i'll be visiting:
- Nagoya Airport (to take domestic flight)
- Rusutsu Resort
- Susukino
- Sapporo Station Shopping Arcade (including Daimaru)
- Chitose Factory outlet mall Rera

BTW, does anyone know where to get the magazines(wink-up, potato, duet, myojo etc)? Do they sell those in convenience stores or bookstores only?
Oh and do the limited edition singles get sold out real fast all the time in cd shops in japan? Cause i'm worried it'll no longer be on sale by then. I'll reach japan one th 3rd DEC and leave on 8th DEC.

Thanks in advance! XD

White X-Mas Making of PV Links

So, the download links have been posted on jone_records, but the mediafire links were not exactly working for some of it for some people DD:, so decided to provide everyone to the link for the one posted on youtube :) On high quality, the quality of the videos are really pretty good, you can admire their faces really well. ^_^ I really like this making a lot, and the members seem really happy and well.

Collapse )

Also, i have made some screencaps of the Full PV, and then I will be making some of the Making soon :) White X-Mas Making of CAPS :D

Signal "How-to-Dance" video [Update]

Hey everyone!

I wish I could come to you with the Signal "how-to-dance" video, but sadly I dont have it yet.
I know it's been a very long time since I've finished DUES and since I promised I would do Signal so I should have it done, but I do have a slight problem.

The PV, the Making Of, and the Concert Performance I have looked at dont show the dance moves too well so Im kind of in a pinch.

I will try my best, but please be patient.

If you can provide another performance of Signal or your own oppinion of the dance steps, please do comment.

I have made a new LiveJournal specifically for this project, you can see it here:
This LJ will have updates and the actual videos up so please check back often.
I will also make a new YouTube account, but I will get that up later.
jin sing

[Fic] the C**ksicle

Title: Cocksicle

Pairing: Akame *of course *

Rating: this is not really as safe as before .. so, maybe R ?!

Summary: One day, Jin saw Kame eating a Popsicle that looks like … a cock ?!!!

A/N: okay, I know I am supposed to be updating my multi-chaps but .. this is an idea I have for a long time already .. so we all know that when an idea comes to me, I write it so here it is !! XD .

"I'll eat you up."

*F-locked in 2 days!!
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Pamphlet scans~ :Dv

once again I bring scans of a pamphlet - I kinda killed it when I scanned it because the pages started to fall out because they didn't like the fact that I had to bend them so much to scan, so now I have this pamphlet consisting of the cover and inside are only loose pages ^____^U
Does somebody know why Hina and Jin weren't in this?

Hey! Say! Dream Boy 2005

feat. Kanjani8 & KAT-TUN
(ABC, BAD, BOYS & random other juniors)

Comments are love♥
Credit not needed but ofcoz love too♥♥♥

KAT-TUN: Sweet Dreams

Taguchi Junnosuke Solo Preformances !!

The List :

2001-11-11 SC Jounetsu (Jin + Junno)
2002.08 Okyakusama-wa-kamisama Taguchi one-night
2004-10-03 SC Taguchi tap-dancing
2005.01.04 Kaizokuban Taguchi tapdancing

2005-01-04 Kaizokuban Taguchi confused-cog
2006-04-09 SC Kame & Junno – Special Happiness
2006.11.05 SC Taguchi Junnosuke Seishin performance
2007.06.17 cartoon KAT-TUN II You Taguchi Samurai Love Attack

Download Links Can be found Here @ kamesoul 

Small Teaser :