November 28th, 2008

[Multichapter] Who Do You Love More? (Chapter 3)

Title:   Who Do You Love More?

Pairing:   Akanishi Jin & Nishiyama Maki, Kamenashi Kazuya & Ayase Haruka, AKAME

Summary:   They both had their own girlfriend. But is it really their true love?

Notes:   Nothing much to say. Thanks to zaidorazhou  for beta-ed this. Hope you guys enjoy it like the previous chapter. Thanks for reading, guys.

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Chapter 3:   I love him, I love him...

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Ohisashiburi desu ne, minna^^

I have more TOKIO/KAT-TUN subs for everyone. ^__^

The Shounen Club 040919
TOKIO report with Akame


TOKIO is rocking the suits, yesssss.... 8D Jin and Kame ask TOKIO a bunch of questions about the other members that go along with the songs on their 10th anniversary album, TOK10. Kame does just fine, but Jin keeps messing up in front of his sempai. XD

Translation: enshinge
Subbing: ohmiya_sg (Saragorn)

( HERE )
Kikwang; cute

[Multichapter] Toujours avec vous / Prologue & Chapter One

**So, I just started writing my first Akame fan fic. I wasn't sure if I should post it, 'cause I don't have enough confidence and I think my writing sucks. I have no talent. Seriously. x]
I know this is kinda bad, but bear with me. xD
I'd forgotten to post this on here x]

Title: Toujours avec vous (Forever with you)
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Umm... Angst, I think.
Disclaimer(s): I own them. In my dreams >>
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin were best friends and lovers. But they broke up. After one year they meet again and decide to just be friends. Can that be possible?
Notes. Sorry, I suck at summaries. >>.

Prologue | Chapter One

I hope you enjoy it! x]
I love comments :D:D
Dara abs

More Bakanishi icons :D and a oneshot :D

Oooooh. I came back with more. Though I personally like this one better than the recent one. . .and if you dont know what im talking about. . .its ok. . .i dont either! LOL

Anyhoo, i brought some icons :D

Teaser :

Look how awesome his hair used to be :(((((

(Here to the icons! and Nakamaru's loveable hair T___T )

Title : His Hair, My Cut
Pairing : Akame (main), RyoDa
Genre : Romance
Rating : Shmut! You happy now?!
Summary : Ryo brings his celebrity best friend, Akanishi Jin, to a 'special place' to get his hair cut. Unknown to Jin, cut has a rather different meaning in that place.

"Care to snap me back to reality, Kazuya?"

亀→ beckoning

Kame's wristbelt

Im a huge Kame fan and...I really want his bracelet. D:
I think simply-tofu has one of those...but it's a different style, and I saw that one in a Dreamboys photo.
Im already getting that ^^.

The one I want is this (preferably black). I believe he wore that the most...


Any websites/stores that sell it (I live in San Jose, CA if that helps)? If you own/found one please help me out :D?

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Thanks in advance!

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