November 27th, 2008


DRIVE: X-Mas [One-Shot]

Real Title: ???????? (i fail at titles)
Pairing: AKAME
Type: Drama, Romance
A/N: Basically, i can't make a quick summary without giving so much away, so i offer a preview instead:)

PREVIEW: Jin sat still in his car, his hand on the gear shift. His nerves wouldn't find the movements needed for him to push towards drive, and his foot just couldn't step on the gas. He stared out the window, the snow falling furiously around him. He looked up at the house he was about to leave. He thought of the person inside the house, the only person whom he had cared about, the only person whom he had loved. Tears started to fall down on his face, he broke down and crouched down so his forehead rested on the steering wheel.

--> To continue to the story click here @ marielizangela

KAT-TUN To Debut In Korea

I didn't see this posted yet & I thought that it was very interesting that they are debuting there since Korean's group like TVXQ are all doing very well in Japan and Arashi also is well accepted in Korea. It's time for them to conquer Korea!! I credit this news to asianfanatics forum &

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❝あいり すずき❞ は きれい

HIGH-JUMP 1st Project Presents to you, 173 icons!

Hey hey hey! KaoNyan here, with a small SURPRISE to you all! Well.. actually it's not a surprise, but who cares? I'm here, bringing to you, a project!

This project is aimed solely for these reasons;

1) Introduction of HIGH-JUMP (just a random theme / crew / project group)
2) To celebrate my 16th a few Johnny's Birthday, including Ohno Satoshi, Maruyama Ryuhei, Taguchi Junnosuke, Chinen Yuri, and lastly, Yaotome Hikaru! I'd also like to celebrate Shiina Ringo's birthday, and Kyomoto Taiga! Though, since these two was a last minute desicion, it may not be great pictures, and also, I will try and find pictures of Taiga! :D
3) Oh hey, now that my exams are over! I can finally watch movies, videos, doramas, starting with! 'My 11th Mother', which was released last year on 29th November (which was a huge surprise for me), so I decided to make icons for that too!

For this celebration, I'd like to share with you all, these icons I made! ..while I tried hard not to fail in my blood, sweat, and tears

Shiina Ringo [x30]
Ohno Satoshi [x28]
Maruyama Ryuhei [x25]
Kayashima Kaoru [x16]
My 11th Mother [x11]
Taguchi Junnosuke [x23]
Chinen Yuri [x15]
Yaotome Hikaru [x18]
Kyomoto Taiga [x7]
Total ICONS: 173 157

:D Well, as a little note, I did not choose to make less of Chinen ICONS.. well.. it IS my decision, but mainly, it's because I'm making number of icons corresponding to the ages they're turning to this year. :) Sadly, I don't want to use my photo for my icons, so I just random pictures that I found, or took of in real life.

Here are some previews!:

( Let's throw those confettis!.. )

P.S. This post will be not f-locked until I release my next batch of icons for my next project (which is uhmm... during Christmas)

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P.P.S. Let me know if I broke any rules. I'll try to fix it as soon as I can! Even if it means having my wrist disloacated. *crying because it feels like it already has*
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