November 26th, 2008

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[fanart] AkaKame Lunch Date

AkaKame Lunch Date - I’d wanted to draw this for a while after reading futari_love’s akame fan reports – so I guess I can say this is kind of dedicated to futari_love for all the lovely translated fan repos.
The setting is Kame visiting Jin on the set of BANDAGE. Used a more recent hair style for Kame, and also I’ve changed my art style a little bit hope everyone likes.


AkaKame Lunch Date
jin gif

[N!J] Cartoon KAT-TUN Batsu Game & KAT-TUNX3

Since it's my birthday, I decided to share some love.^^ Hope you like~XDD

Nya!Fansubs presents a Neko!Jarashi Production:
2005.08.06 KAT-TUNX3 - Date with Megumi
2008.03.12 Cartoon KAT-TUN - Batsu Game pt1
2008.03.19 Cartoon KAT-TUN - Batsu Game pt2

Translator&Timer: BlueEyedWolf
Editor: MeiohSetsuna
Titles/Credit&Karaoke: BlueEyedWolf

I know the one with Megumi is rather old, and I'm sure there's another version out there, but it's been my baby for the past two years. And since I've finally finished it, I decided to share it today.^^ Enjoy~

Yuroku ooh

BANDAGE Radio drama [Info + DL]

This is the radio version of the original story written by Chika KAN.
To all of you who can understand japanese, please keep in mind that the movie plot is going to be different, Shunji Iwai only based it on the original story.
There are also changes in some of the characters names:
Takasugi Natsu (Jin's character) is called Teru (Thanks stanime for the correction :3).

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KAT-TUN QOP Concert DVD: Help

I just want to ask about pre-ordering the QOP Concert DVD~

When I do the pre-ordering, is a credit card necessary?

If you can't really get what I'm trying to say, um....
Can you please tell me what are the things that I need to have to be able to order THAT KAT-TUN QOP Concert DVD?


jin sing

a nicee song composition ..

heow ~!!! well, earlier.. my friends and i decided to make a little song composition .. i think it's funny and we decided to share it .. [[tune: 12 days of Christmas]]

we don't really have a title for it .. but i think it's okay though ..

but anyways~ let's go to the cracky composition ..

"and akame in a bed scene~!!"

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