November 21st, 2008

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Popolo Nov 2007 part 1 Translation

 I started translating in my free time. 

Popolo Nov 2007 part 1 Stars Favorite Japanese Moon Viewing Food - NEWS,KisMyFt2,Ya3,V6,Kat-tun,Arashi,Kanjani

more to come...^_^ of different stuff too.

I'll only post here once so be sure to add me if you want an easy way to find more translations.

Its all here at my journal! kaoruk 
La Corda D'Oro-1

[Fic] - I'm not like that

Pairing – Akame, Jin centric
Disclaimer – Don't own any of them and LoveJuice belongs to Jin, therefore to JE. (BTW Esti really exists, and she looks excatly like this XD – and no, I don't own her either).
Raiting - PG-13 – mostly for language
Genre - Angst, Romance
Summary - Jin shoots a PV for his solo Lovejuice with a hot girl.. she helps him uderstand a few things.
Gereral Warning - All my fics are unbated. Sorry for any mistakes.

Note: Inspired by Jin's "LoveJuice", and this dream I had.. well kinda.. ^^

This is Esti Grant...

2008.11.21 MS (full show)

I don't have time to cut it, but here's the full show, if anyone wants. 

Date - 2008.11.21
Type - TV
Program - Music Station
Artist(s) - Various
Size - 852MB
Format - .avi
Comments -
Ito Yuna - Koi wa groovy x 2
KAT-TUN - White X'mas
Perfume - Dream Fighter
flumpool - Over the rain ~Hikari no Hashi~
Gackt - Jesus
Makihara Noriyuki - Kimi no Ushirosugata
UVERworld - Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi


JE Shops.

Hi, everyone.
I was wondering are there any JE related shops(especially Kat-tun)in Singapore,Hong Kong or Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur)?
I might be going to these few places during December.
Hope that you guys can help me.
I've just got into the fandom a few weeks ago.^^
Thanks in advance.