November 18th, 2008


KAT-TUN Kamenashi drunk and causing trouble

KAT-TUNの亀梨 酔ってトラブル

11月18日9時32分配信 デイリースポーツ

 亀梨の担当弁護士は「事件性はなく示談書などもない。相手の方にもわかっていただいた」と説明。亀梨自身も猛省している。来年1月スタートの日本テレビ 系主演ドラマ「神の雫」ではビール会社の社員役を演じるため、酒がらみのトラブルはご法度。今回の騒動で、改めて自分が酔わず、視聴者を酔わせる熱演を 誓っているようだ。

According to the article from Daily Sports

Kamenashi Kazuya got drunk and had a quarrel with the taxi driver, which got out of hand, resulting in police being called in.

The trouble happened on Oct 23rd's early morning. Kamenashi was returning home by taxi, but he misunderstood that the driver was taking the wrong route. He then told the driver that the road was wrong, and they both alighted the taxi and had an aggressive quarrel.

There was no violence involved but the passerby which witnessed the happening was shocked and called the police. Kamenashi was then picked up from the police station and was sent back by the company's staff. Days later, it was made known that the route was actually correct and Kamenashi apologized to the driver. The driver too accepted his apology.

Kamenashi's lawyer said "there was no lawsuit involved, and the other party understands as well". Kamenashi himself is extremely remorseful towards the incident.

Not nice, Kame.


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regarding maishampoo 's post here earlier, i saw another post on koichitanjyobi's site that made me break out in cold sweat.
the title of the article mentioned that kame used violence.
this one, from what i can tell based on my limited japanese, was along the same lines, and at the bottom it sorta brought up kame's underaged drinking scandal. would appreciate it if anyone would make a brief translation/summary.

it's getting big. T_T i guess the dailysports article was meant to try and neutralize the shufu article. which also included jin's pot rumor.

kame seems to prefer male mamasans when he's drunk.

for those who asked for it, my japanese sucks, but there was something in it about kame being pissed drunk and asking the male mamasan for a kiss, and ended up making out(?) not sure about that. happened a long time ago (jan08) but came out this morning, so i just thought i'd put it here.

uwasako translated it here. what a lolfest.

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I remember seeing a part where kame and Koki was like "Rose desu, (koki/kame) Mary desu (koki/kame)"
"Watashi tachi ha Rosemary desu!"  during one of the MC in their 07 concert, anyone know where I can find that video? ><"


[fic] The Sweet Dream- Chapter 3

Title: The Sweet Dream
Characters: Akame, Ryu, Akanishi Reio, Yankumi,yamapi, ikuta toma, nishikido ryo, kat-tun members[as students, not as a band]
Rating: PG [i think, but don't worry, it's safe]
Genre: Comedy, Romance, fluff(really nt sure)

Summary: He was the chosen one. He was the center of attention. He meets a very mysterious lady in the ball but she had to leave since the clock struck twelve. He seemed to have fallen in love at first sight. Will he ever meet her again?

a/n: sorry for making you waitttt!!!!>_< here it is!!!!!! *hides*

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

UPDATE-Chapter 3:

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