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Making it world wide!
November 10th, 2008 
hi everybody!
today i changed my LJstyle and i also put new Kame's graphics^^
well,i'm not very good on doing these things ,so i have to find a way to fix the beckground!eheh...
and as always...

find them here:vivis88.livejournal.com

credit to:Baidu.com
This interview is quite old but thought I'd share it, not sure if anyone translated this before though. I only translated Kame's part, so sorry to AT-TUN fans!

Kame brings containers to restaurants to pack his leftover food?

*Comments are <3
I'm here again to share my new edited caps of Kame in CTKT 83.
I made a wallie of Akame but it's not good but still i would like to share it. LOL

Just click this link>>> Kame's edited caps

video credit: vi42lma@kattunlove

[大野] hmmm?
Title: 5 times Tatsuya thinks Jin is a baka and 1 time he thinks he is one too
Author: aikomidori
Characters/Group: Ueda Tatsuya, Akanishi Jin [KAT-TUN]
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,559
Summary: As the title says...
Notes: My small contribution to the Tatsuya-thon

( 5 times Tatsuya thinks Jin is a baka and 1 time he thinks he is one too)
jin gif
Title: KxK
Author: BlueEyedWolf
Fandom: KAT-TUN, YamaPi, and Ryo...and my own fictional twin character
Rating: G to PG? May go up?
Genre: School romance, slight humor?
Disclaimer/Warning: Not the greatest of writers, so read at your own risk. Horrible grammar and punctuations lay ahead.
Summary: Kazuya and Kazumi are fraternal twins. They are sent to their father's friend's school when their parents leave the country on business. Due to the overflow of female students entering this year, Kazumi has no choice but to bunk with her brother in the boys' dorm with a male roommate. And to make things worst, she's enrolled as a "boy"!! How will Kazumi survive this school as the opposite gender?


UPDATED: Chapter 13
04:18 pm - [icons] 28
11x Akanishi Jin
11x Kamenashi Kazuya (9 + 2 variations)
2x Ueda Tatsuya
4x Olivia Lufkin


( You can find the rest here~ )

Title:   I Think I Had Fallen In Love With You

Pairing:   Akame

Summary:   Why is it Jin avoiding Kame when tomorrow is their 10th anniversary?

Notes:   I know this is late but just assume this is as a belated present to all AKAME’s fans, and especially to AKAME themselves. And thanks  a lot to leigh1381 for beta-ing this.  Thanks a lot!


well i'm totally crazy about this song so i made a video ^^ since i didn't have much time (because of studies) i was fast so sorry if everything is not perfect. By the way it's my first kat-tun video so please be gentle ^^

I found this song so different from the other one, they seem more mature than before and the harmony of their voices is sooo different, i'm really impatient to watch their PV ^^

Well hope you will enjoyed it ^^

Waiting for X'mas....Collapse )</div></div>
Okk.. i was jus checking out pictures at JOR@LJ... and i came across this photo.

Here For the Picture

The picture is really big.. and look Jin's left ear (right side of the photo). Is it me or does it look like the turtle earring?

I wanna hear your opinions.
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