November 9th, 2008


Akame and Kokame moments

last time i had problem with photobucket and  blocked all the pic but now its good again =D
so if you hadn't see kokame or akame moments you can see it now ^___^

Akame lovers kochi kochii ~~
Part one:
Part two:

Kokame lovers kochi kochi ~~

White X'mas=AMAZING

My Winamp playlist has one song KAT-TUN-White X'mas.
With this I said everything right?
But the reason I post this I really want to know your own opinion about this single. As for me it amazed me and it made me cry for 10 minutes although I only understand some words.*silly*

BTW did anyone notice when Jin sings his part, he is backed-up by Kame? ^_^ (just listen to the second part the word "naze")
It surprised me I kept listening to it thinking it's just the negative that has a background voice.
But I listened to it all day long and just earlier I closed my eyes. IT'S KAME!!!
I've grown to the point that I can really distinguish their voices and I'm very happy.
I'm really glad they did the arrangement like this...maybe KAT-TUN order was better(old times hehe)  but listening to Koki's amazing voice at the end I say it's better like this ^_^

I'm glad I bought the CD&DVD . They worth it!!!


[doujin] CODE extra: temptation and a few extras

Temptation (Part A)
Pairing: Akame, Jin-centric
Rating: PG for this part
Genre: Romance, attempted angst and a bit of crack
Summary: The first time Jin met Kazu...
Disclaimer: They own themselves...
A/N: This part is actually a flashback... not a continuation from before (^^) an extra story for akame + maru anniversary. and side note; it will be friend's lock after 3 days.

"I wanted more..."
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