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November 7th, 2008 
jin gif
Oh my god. My first fic...I blame KAT-TUN's new single 'White X'mas' for this post...Enjoy~!XDD

Title: Usagi to Kame (The Bunny and Turtle)
Author: BlueEyedWolf
Pairing: Akame with guest appearance of TTUN, NewS
Rating: PG? for slight sexual reference
Genre: Humor and Fluff?
Disclaimer: Own only the plot and horrible grammar
Summary: Jin's gift to Kame for Christmas

If you're interested, click here
[UEDA] Desire
Hiya minna~~
I wonder anyone remember me doing a translation of Ueda's song messages in the mousepeace pamphlet? Nope?

Oh well XD anyway this time after me dreading the translation for a long while I finally finished the part^^
Translation include what ueda says about "hall preliminary inspection", "staff meeting" and "band audition"~

HERE YOU GO (~yay~)
and Enjoy!
12:18 pm - 4 Banners
Safe place
1. Credit if you use!
2. Do not hotlink!
3. Don't alter them in any way.
4. Don't claim them as your own.

Akame (1)
Jin/Maru/Kame (1)
Jin/Maru/Ueda (1)
Miura Shohei (1)

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02:45 pm(no subject)
bob by your side
There's something I noticed while I was watching Yukan Club.
Is it just me, or does Jin in drag look kind of like Jennifer Lopez?

Kamekun for now is the King of my LJ^^

well,new graphics!!!!!!!

find them on my LJ^^: vivis88.livejournal.com

Credit to:Baidu.com
06:32 pm(no subject)
Yunho: 'O'
Hello ^_^~ i think this is the first time i contributed to this comm
and although they might not be the nicest icons,
but here are some Ueda icons from mouse peace


click for the icons :)
Hello, long time no post 8D

Recently, I have seen a plethora of "ZOMG SO-AND-SO RESEMBLES SUCH-AND-SUCH IN THIS WAY" posts. As interesting and hilarious I find them, it made me think; why are we limiting ourselves? It struck me that it would be entertaining to open up to discussion and purview where everyone might see one of the members (in the same manner that everything I think I see becomes a tootsie roll to me 8DDDDD EEEYYYE CAAANNNDDYYYYYYY)

Right. So, if this is allowed, I would enjoy being spammed with pic comparisons, for myself and for the general "LOL OMG IT'S TRUUUUUE" factor for everyone else.

Not to be a leech, I shall present my own personal 'Doesn't etc., etc. kind of look like [insert KATTUN eyecandy name here] in this picture?' pictures. Things. I welcome disagreement with open arms! 8DDDDCollapse )
I was wondering.. where can you buy kat-tun goods in toronto. Goods like... T-shirt, Poster, Pictures, Waterbottle, Bandana... and all those.

CD.. i know where to get.. Pmall. I was wondering if J-Town would sell these goods... if not.. where in toronto will sell these goods?
10:52 pm(no subject)
hibari/chrome; some tyl lovin'
13 - A Series of Unfortunate Events
16 - Emily Browning
13 - Maki Horikita
18 - High School Musical
13 - KAT-TUN
18 - NEWS
7 - Paramore
5 - Gakuen Alice
7 - La Corda D'Oro
8 - Shugo Chara!
4 - Vampire Knight
13 - Random (Koukou Debut, Hey! Say! JUMP, My Boss My Hero, Akuma to Dulce, Tsubasa, Hatenkou Yuugi, Haruhi Suzumiya, X/1999, Bleach, Card Captor Sakura, InuYasha)

Here :)
DBSK//Yunho - Take Flight
Ok, so apparently we need a tag for 'Angel is blind and an idiot'. -_-;;

Fan Directory - Everyone

first try this under the cut:

If that doesn't work, then
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use this link:

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no matter what your screen name starts with. This is open to all klove members.
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