November 6th, 2008

{74 icons} & {1 Header}

hiiii everyone (=^_^=)V
this some icons
I did this icons For some time.
Delayed put This icons.
Because of a malfunction in the computer  X(
I really I hate the computer.
I hope your Like this icons ;)

][ avatars (Icons) ][
[9] :: Ayumi Hamasaki
[6] :: BoA
[6] :: Akanishi Jin
[8] :: Inoue Mao
[9] :: Horikita Maki
[3] :: Maki Goto
[9] :: Koizora{Movie}
[4] :: KAT-TUN
[4] :: Kamenashi Kazuya
[4] :: Matsumoto Jun
[6] :: NeWs
[5] :: TVXQ
][ Header ][
[1] :: TVXQ
][ Preview ][


{...Here ×-× cut.. cut..

[Release] CKT 2 You DVD Disc 1b

Hey all! I know it's been a while, but we're back with another release, one you've been waiting for! Here's the second part of Disc one~! It took a while to do this one, due to losing the project file and my darlin baby computer dyin, but yay! It's finally done! Hope you all enjoy it (It IS KAT-TUN after all, haha). Anywho, collaboration betweenje_devotion  &  je_mix_fansubs , here's Disc 1b of the Cartoon KAT-TUN Concert, for download. Go on to JEMix to snag the links!


Cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD Disc 1b

rmpg ☆ kzm prayer

icons and wall

make another batch ,
just 54 icons ^^ and two wallpaper .

[26] FT Island
[16] Kamenashi Kazuya
[12] Yamashita Tomohisa

[o2] Lee Hongki ♥♥♥

** r u l e s **
+ please to leave your comment if you are see or taking
+ your comments and critics are always appreciated
+ credit if use : bigbang_mint
+ i hope you like them and . ., enjoy ! ^^

Preview ::

get it **HERE**
jpn model


yeah, I know .. it took even more time untiil posting the 3. part .____. gomen nasai m(u_u)m
pleas don't be mad with me. unplanned things crossed my plans in the last two weeks and I don't felt like posting the gifs
but now they are up òó so, please enjoy them. I hope you like them again~

ps: this time there is a bit more junno ^.~ .......... but not much Ueda v.v

in total: - 40 (incl. 4 gifs from support groups) GIFs

go here for the rest
Pwetty <3
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{FIC} Akame FanFic

Title : I’ll Become A Man

Genre/Rating : Crack, Romance, PG13-PG16

Pairing : Akanishi Jin X Kamenashi Kazuya.

Summary : Jin escaped from his model life and met Kazuya, which the girl decide that Jin can stay with her family and Jin, was happy when finally, he can be a true man, with the help of Kazuya.

Note : Girl!Kazuya & Tatsuya.


+ Prologue Chapter 1 +

: Akame 100 Questions

Genre/Rating : Crack, Romance, PG16

Pairing : Akanishi Jin X Kamenashi Kazuya

Note : Questions taken from shatteredtenshi

+ An interview where both Akame had to answer 100 questions, mostly related to sex which reveals Jin is just as horny as his best friend Ryo and Kazu is a DV, almost :D +

: A Hot Summer In Carshrimp

Genre/Rating : Smut, NC17

Pairing : Akanishi Jin X Kamenashi Kazuya

+ The first Akame smut I wrote +

Akanishi Jin//KAT-TUN - Forgive me

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Hi! I've sort of been stalking this community for awhile, and now I'm in need of some help. I'm taking an acting/speech class at my college this semester and for our next performance we need to do an "Informative Speech."

I, of course, decided that informing my class of JE was the best possible speech I could give. But, now I am in need of some credible sources (a.k.a not Wikipedia.) Instead of sifting through pages and pages trying to find stuff, I'd thought I'd just ask if any of you happen to have any sorts of sites you know of that give a sort of general overview of Johnny's. I have enough info in my head, but I can't use myself as a source. Even if you, yourself want to give me a general overview, that's cool, because he said other people could be our sources. Translated articles and whatnot are fine as well!

Any help would be extraordinarily appreciated!!