November 4th, 2008

[MOD] End of Mod Search & Starting Fan Directory

Real quick before I'm off to bed.

1) The mod search is now over. We are still discussing some of the people, but we have decided on one already^_^;; Please everyone welcome jennylupin to the madness;)

2) This post is to officially start the member directory.

If your screen name begins with a NUMBER (0-9), or a SYMBOL ( _ ) and you want to be in the member directory, please reply to this post!

Please include this:
* = you don't HAVE to include any info you do not want to.
Preferred Name:
Preferred messenger: (msn, aim/aol, yahoo, skype, etc)*
Email address:*

Remember, ONLY reply to this post if your screen name begins with a NUMBER or a SYMBOL.

Online shopping directory & Translations of Jin's KT Manual #32 and Nakamaru's Page # 297, 298, 299

For the past couple months, I've been trying to put together a JE shopping directory. Well, the online shop list was shorter and easier, so that's up now!

It's over here! Please help add to it if you can.

Also, if you can head over to this post and contribute some info about offline shops in your part of the world that sell JE/KAT-TUN stuff, please do!

And here are last week's jweb translations:

KAT-TUN Manual 32 - Akanishi - 2008.10.30
Nakamaru's Page No. 297, 298, & 299

Translation posts will be locked in a few days. The shopping posts will remain open.

One-Shot: Stage of Love

Title:   Stage of Love
Author:   caramel_cloud9 
Pairing:   Akame
Rating:   PG
Summary:   Story of finding the right one for you.
Notes:   I got the idea to write this when I read all those stories about Jin and Nishiyama Maki. At some point, I feel happy for Jin if he really wants to get serious with this girl. But at other point, I feel sad. I feel sad for Kame. I don’t know why. I just feel like that. Maybe because I’m a big fan of Akame… ^^, And, thanks again to zaidorazhou for beta-ing my fic.

How to vote KAT-TUN in NTV Best Artist and HAPPY X-MAS program

Is there anyone here can help ? :D
I've tried several times voting them on but for me it's not working...
Is it only for Japanese viewers?
And is there anyone here can help with the Japanese language?
Minna, Let's make KAT-TUN a winner in NTV Best Artist!  :D

and then there's a new X-MAS program on 23rd Dec for KAT-TUN (and other JE groups) , you may view the details here

(to mods : i'm not really sure about the tags, so if i put it wrong please correct it)
thanks a lot in advance! ^_^

Jin java

KAT-TUN fanfic: Election

Title: Election
Fandom: KAT-TUN
Pairing: Akame
Genre: Humor, Crack, Romance
Word Count: 8753
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Johnny-sama has already conquered the Japanese Entertainment Industry. Why not aim for the American presidential election next?
A/N: I'm not going to claim I don't have an agenda posting this ( ' v ' ). But I'm posting it purposefully after most people in my time zone have already voted, but before the results are in, so that it's seen as just a satire. My own political views, while abundantly clear in the story, are not being pushed onto you.

I wrote the entire thing today, so as to post it in a timely manner. Forgive my mistakes? :D;

( cast a ballot? )
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Mello Everyone!

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