November 2nd, 2008


[doujin] code: ... (4/?)

Title: ...
Pairing: Ryokame, Jin/?
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, attempted angst and a bit of crack
Summary: It all ends well for Ryo and Kame but enters someone that seems to know more about Kame's past... or is he?
Disclaimer: They own themselves...
A/N: *points at the pairing* yes~ he's finally in the DJ and this part is short, (^^) blink and you miss it. and side note; it will be friend's lock after 3 days.

ryo xD

{Fic} From Yawns Down to Sleepless Nights (Mater List)

Title: From Yawns Down to Sleepless Nights
Author: gachapin18
Pairing: Akanishi Jin x OC
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own the idols mentioned. Summary: Setting – early 2009. Everyone seems to like KAT-TUN`s A, but not Keiko. She hated his guts. Will her feelings change after a not-so-good incident?
NOTE: This is my first ever fanfiction. Please pardon the lameness and futility.

| (Chapter 1) | | (Chapter 2) | | (Chapter 3) | | (Chapter 4) | | (Chapter 5) |
| (Chapter 6) | | (Chapter 7) | | (Chapter 8) | | (Chapter 9) | | (Chapter 10) |
| (Chapter 11) | | (Chapter 12) | | (Chapter 13) | | (Chapter 14) | | (Chapter 15) |
| (Chapter 16) | | (Chapter 17) |

| (Chapter 18) |

DUES Dance lesson part 2

Hey!! I'm back with the second part of the DUES dance lesson.
Sorry it took so long, Im a procrastinator >.>.

I have other KAT-TUN dances that have been requested to do: 
      1) Peak
      2) Signal 
      3) Yorokobi no Uta (Concert version)

Which would you like me to do first? Please request =3

And I have a question/request:  
Could someone cut me the performance of Signal from Cartoon KAT-TUN II you concert?

Heres the video:
It's available in HQ =3. Make sure your annotations are on.

If you would like to download the video, please request for it and I will add it to this post.


{fic} one-shots

Imperfect Angel
Author : mizuno_hikaru
Pairing : akame
Rating : safe. The fact, even I dunno how I should rate this drabble~ XDXD
Summary : …because sometime, angel has no wings…not radiant… not beautiful…
Warning : un-betaed
A/N : too much listening to ‘Malaikat Pun Tahu’ (Even The Angels Know) by Dewi Lestari… the song is about someone who love someone else, but that person never noticed the one-sided feelings… I luv the reff~!! Tried to translate the lyrics to English… sorry for the crappiness~!! XDXD

Your weariness is also mine...

Fake Heart, True Love
Author : mizuno_hikaru
Pairing : Akame
Rating : NC17 for angst~
Summary : I can feel my –heart– beating so fast whenever I’m with you… I knew that my –heart– was made by metal… But still, I can feel it…
Warning : un-betaed, angst in some way.
A/N : based on baobao_chan ’s drabble “AJ 407” I asked her permission, and she said yes, so here it is… [novi dear, I made some changes… hope u don’t mind XDXD] Done in 2546 words… longer than I expected before LOLZ

…is it possible that robot can fall in love…?