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Making it world wide!
October 29th, 2008 

Title :        The Best Medicine

Author:      caramel_cloud9 

Pairing:     Akame (obviously…)

Rating:      Totally Safe

Summary: Jin got a fever and Kame got panicked.

Notes:      Thanks a lot to zaidorazhou for beta-ing my second fanfiction. Also, this fanfic is dedicated to  thedoc46  because she really loves to read fanfic about Jin’s sick. This is for you, dear. ^^, And to all who had read my first one-shot, thanks a lot for your comment. And from all your comments, here comes the second fanfiction from me. Hope you guys enjoy it. As usual, comments are loved!

I don’t need any medicine because I already have the best medicine in the world.Collapse )

I'm bringing goodies today. ^__^

[2] Friends only pics
[5] Headers
[1] Akame pic
[9] Wallpapers

can be found in this post HERE,HERE and HERE
It's all located at neyvaa_graphics

I hope you'll like it! :D

YAY!!! jin will be strarring in a movie!!!! although it'll be a looooooonnnnggggg wait 'til it's shown i'm still suuuuppppeeerrrrrrr excited and suuuuppppeeeerrrrr uresshhiiiiiii!!!!!! ^^ now.. to celebrate.. i made some wallies..well actually only 2.. 1 of jin..and 1 of kat-tun.. ^^  

hai douzo!!!! ^^


click here>>>>to the SUPERFAMOUS
05:16 pm - Kidnap My Heart
Kame | Great |
My another drabble... Make this for ylhen12 ... ^__^

Title : Kidnap My Heart...
Genre : Fluff.. a bit of angst...
Rating : do we need this?? ^__^'
Disclaimer : Johnny-san.. *sighs*
Note : Based on Click Five's song, 'Kidnap My Heart'...

Here @ my LJ...

05:30 pm - Help needed.
Tomorrow, i will be going off to Korea.
And i'm wondering if there is any JE shops there.
Since i have not been to Korea before, i decided to ask for help :)

Thanks a million. <3
Arashi icon credit to pinkandroid LJ
HI everyone,

This time I had ripped the songs from Cartoon Kat-tun II You Concert.
Most people would have done this already but, I did mine a little bit different.

Come to check here  Cartoon Kat-tun II You Concert MP3
Christmas present from KAT-TUN!

This new single features their first actual love ballade "White X'mas". This limited-time edition includes karaoke version of the track "White X'mas." Jacket artwork featured on the Limited Pressing is different from the one on the Limited Edition.

Jin junior
Hello everyone.I'm just a newbie here and I have been Kat-tun fan for only 1 year.I heard that Kat-tun will release a new single on December 3 and i want to pre-order it.The problem is that i don't know which page i should pre-order on.I want my purchasing added to Kat-tun sales on Oricon and I'm from Vietnam.Could you suggest me where i should pre-order 'cause i'm considering HMV,Yesasia and CD Japan!
Thank you guys very much! 
To Mod:I have read the rules and this is the first time i've posted here so i don't know if i choose the right tag.Excuse me if thre is something wrong.
07:29 pm - chatroom^_^;;
DBSK//Yunho - Take Flight
ok, humour me...I went and made a chatroom XD;;


you don't have to register or anything...enjoy? ^_^;;

Maru&#39;s hips don&#39;t lie

Please remember that all requests for this community have to be made in this master post.
Individual request posts are no longer allowed on this community - unless they come attached with goodies to share.

If you can fulfill a request, please reply to that comment at the master post.
If you have any questions regarding this procedure, again, please redirect yourself to the master post.

October 23 - October 29

hii_chan: wanting pics/videos of KAT-TUN(as a group or single members) while cooking(aprons,etc.)Fulfill?

aijin_jin_17: Wishes for a bigger version of this picture Fulfill?

drea_c: Translation/Subs of Ojyamanbou Best Man Quiz with KAT-TUN and MatsuJun from 2006.01.14 and of any Utawara Fulfill?

mitsuki_world: Piano sheets for precious one Fulfill?

Thank you in advance,

(^^) yeah~ it's early but i already finished drawing them and can't wait to share, so here they are~

Can you guess who am I suppose to be?
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