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Making it world wide!
September 18th, 2008 
01:26 am - AI NO HANA LIVE


You can hear his voice very clear and I love it. Just thought to share with you after searching around. I don't know the actual owner of it sorry... -_-
01:37 am - Ueda icons
Hello! Made another bunch of Ueda icons (coz I simply can't get enough of this guy!) :D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

HERE @ kitsunemd 

does anyone here have an any
guitar chords by any band???
thanks for advance~
kame noty~

konnichiwa minna san~

hehe..so last time i was caught by the color-fever for wallies
and apparently, i was caught by another fever
sore wa...Scenery Fever desu~

^^ this fever juz came to me the moment i saw the "sora" scenery..
kirei naa ..ano sora wa..
n then i look at kame's pic..hehe..the mood is kinda.. (haha..ok you fill in the blank by yourself  XP)

so here's the preview:

List: each member got 2 wallies

so here's the so called Scenery-KAT-TUN-wallies
10:28 am - i wonder???
kim sejeong

I am just wondering why KAT-TUN doesn't have those backstage footages where they are like reporting their current concert was being held, what they have eaten and stuff like that when they release a concert DVD.

I know Arashi, NewS and Kanjani8 have it why not KAT-TUN? 

Because for a fangirl point of view I would really like to know how they interact with each other. 

Note: This was brought out because I again saw NewS Never Ending Wonderful Story and Kanjani8’s 47 something something (gomen I forgot the complete title)

Mod: I don't know if this was discussed before but if it was please feel free to delete. thankies ^___^v

[13] cartoon KAT-TUN 080917


here @ vandi714 
Alright. I know it's been a while since you've all heard from me. I rarely post, but today I got bored.

I recording my voice a few times and created a basic audio of what The Mysterious Ticking Noise will sound like when we actually create the video.

The video will obviously be better and this is NOT perfect. It's hard to sync it right.

Enjoy it though.


Yeah. Have a click at that.

And Comment!
I'm not sure if I have posted here before... I think not but I've been watching this community for a while.

Anyways... I just wanted to ask if there is anywhere I can get/watch stuff from tat-chan's mouse peace... like pics/fan accounts/ videos... anything... hehe thanks :D
11:23 pm - Mouse Peace<3.
THE MOUSE PEACE guest tonight was KAZUYA KAMENASHI<3333. Unfortunately he didn't go up onto the stage but everyone still think he was so cool. KAMEDA LOVE anyone?
11:42 pm(no subject)
Magazine Scans.

- 月刊SONGS October Issue
- The Television 26.09.2008

Akanishi Jin MANUAL original text.

Ueda's concert 18.09.2008 report.

here :D
ryo &lt;3
I found this in Sweden in a supermarket ..i think baka doesn't exactly mean the same thing in sweden as in japan (it means actually "to bake" in sweden, thanks to citzera  <3) xD unfortunately you couldn't buy jin there xD

And this one i found in a german supermarket ~~ it's a pear xD

aaand last but not least , Hamburg is just great ... recently i found this street in Hamburg

Originally i planned to m ove to Pinneberg (a little town near Hamburg) bc my license plate would begin with "Pi" but to live in a street called something with KAT-TUN is so much cooler xD

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