September 6th, 2008

DBSK//Yunho - Take Flight

[MOD] Sales post for September

This is the Master SALES post for September.

Sorry this is late:S Still in hiatus from moving -_-;;


Leave a comment on this post.
Put what you're selling in the subject (EX: Magazines, CD, Posters).
Put the details in the actual comment. Leave an email address, or a link to your lj for people to get in touch with you.

If your sale ends before the next sales post, Reply to your original sales comment with the word 'CLOSED' in the subject.

Any questions? just ask:)

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DBSK//Yunho - Take Flight

[MOD] Fanfic Ads Post September

(sorry for two mod posts in a row...just getting this done before it gets any later -_-;;)

Authors, please read this post regarding the new fanfic rules.

Please post all (chaptered) fic updates here. UPDATES only, please. If you are posting the prologue/chapter 1 of your story, you do not post them here. Everything AFTER your Chapter 1 (or Prologue).

Each Sunday, we will make a collective post of the updates and post them to the community.

If you would like to have your fic included, please use this format:

Pairing: (OPTIONAL)
Summary: (OPTIONAL)
Link to master post:

If you have updated your fic more than once before we post your ad, you can just reply to your first comment and let us know you added another chapter. You don't need to type it all up again, lol.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask:)

inoochi lovegun

chibi fanart

Hi! This is my first time posting in the community. I'd like to share my
KATTUN chibis with all of you. There is also an extra one of Ueda for his solo
con :) I hope you like them :D

Click on the picture to see the chibis~

I Need Some Help and Suggestion

I just wanna ask anyone who know...
Kame is starring in Kuitan drama, right? As cameo..i didn't understand actually what that word means actually
May I know which episode he is in or is it in the whole drama?but i guess it is in the certain episode only...
So, which episode he is in??

And next...
I need suggestion from you guys what jdrama that I should watch now??
I kinda like not so heavy drama...
and most of all I don't like sad ending...
I like such as humor,high school and anything...but not sad ending..
do you guys have any suggestion??
I don't know what to watch now....please...T_T

delete it if this is not allowed in this community

N00b XD ...

Hellow, I'm a newbie on livejournal and KAT-TUN Love, yoroshuku ... XD
I'm french so my english just sucks; and I'm sorry about that.
I love your community. It's the most complete and fun community I have never seen about KAT-TUN.

Since I'm here, I wanted to ask you something.
It's about concerts.

Like every year, there'll be a Johnny's Countdown at Tokyo Dome, right?
I want to find tickets but I know it's still too early to ask for such a thing, though.
I saw that some of you can have tickets or help the others to find them... So I'm asking for your help now... Will you help me to find tickets when they'll be released?

Thank you ! :D

KAT-TUN - f o r e v e r ! <3