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Making it world wide!
July 20th, 2008 
01:37 am(no subject)
hibari/chrome; some tyl lovin'
Wallpapers, anyone? :D :D :D

Gakuen Alice - 2
Maki Horikita - 1
NEWS - 2 (+ 1 alternate)

HERE @ amenoiro
01:43 am - ~Icons~
Made icons of the following :
6            Hana Yori,
5            KinKi Kids,
11          KAT-TUN,
3            Toma Ikuta,
7            One Piece
2            Fate/stay night
2            Bleach

Hana Yori, KinKi Kids, KAT-TUN, Toma Ikuta, Anime )
10:40 am(no subject)
こきたん ~_~
(I need a KAT-TUN icon, or at least a KAT-TUN one)

And yeah, I bring a TUN fanart this time =P As they're my fav members and they amused me alot lately. 

(Oh yes! I changed my style too!)

Please tell me if you don't like the new style ^^v

Maru's hips don't lie

This is the new revised list of community advertisments!!

Check it out, Yo!Collapse )

Title: i got chills, they're multiplying
Pairing: Akame
Summary: Kame's on his fourth drink; Jin's figure across from him shrouded in a faint glow and cloud of pleasurable haze. It's cloudy, the room, pulsating with a heavy baseline and an excess of body heat, and all Kame can see is Jin leaning across Koki's lap to get to his next drink. Kame licks his lips nervously; the heat on his cheeks less to do with the burning of the alcohol being pushed down his throat and more to do with how Jin is staring at him over the rim of his glass.
Author's Notes: Written in The Akame Mass Comment Ficcy Thing. Prompt: "I won't go home without you"

05:18 pm - 57 KAT-TUN icons
赤西仁 ☆ 言いたい事  ♥
[1-8] Kamenashi Kazuya
[9-22] Akanishi Jin
[23-28] Taguchi Junnosuke
[29-35] Tanaka Koki
[36-41] Ueda Tatsuya
[42-48] Nakamaru Yuichi
[49-57] Group



More herecake_at_3am

Myojo scans.
Can anyone translate the little akame page? I'm overly curious.  xD
EDIT: I forgot the two last pics ><
Well, in 3 days i'm taking a plane for Brazil and i would like to know if there are any shops which sell Kat-tun or Johnny's stuff !
i will probably be around Sao Paulo or Brasilia.

Thank you ^^
[x] 18 icons: akanishi jin
xxx xxx xxx
icons & rules here @ think_icons
Yeah I browsed YAJ again for more paparazi pics. ^^ If I'm not wrong those are from hokkaido and osaka now, or sendai, not sure though. Quite small, but better than nothing, ne. 
Flailed over Kame's cuteness again, god he looks so kawaii with tied back hair, Ok yes I love his curly hair, I admit. and Jin is so kakkoi. I can't help it, they just look cute together. ^^

Ok here you go, prego.

It's just what the title says. If you want to read some of the exciting details of the KAT-TUN concert I attended tonight click HERE
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