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July 10th, 2008 
06:27 am - Shizuoka Reports
Reports from both the Shizuoka 6pm shows (7/7 & 8/7) over at my journal!

Mädchen: chucks

I have nothing more to say than: I have two new Akame Fan-Arts/Wallpaper I wanted to share with you!

You can find them here in my livejournal.


12:06 pm - graphics!~
super junior - blue sea
icons: 14 header: 2 lovebar: 1 sf banners: 1 f banners:1

icons {01-07} KAT-TUN
 (o1) akame
 (o2) KAT-TUN
 (o3-o5) Jin
 (o6-o7) Kame

{08-14) Nishikido Ryo


HERE @ my new comm rainbow_minee
Here I come with a lovely Akakame fanart...I really miss them *sigh*

More on my LJ <3

Enjoy and let me know, if you like it!^^

Everyone~ have a nice day

After SO LONG, I finally settled my tickets and I am confirming my trip to Japan this August :D

I was wondering if there are people who would be in Tokyo this August too, and I was thinking of scheduling a fan gather if there are people interested. We could either queue for con goods together, stand and whine in the heat together outside the Johnnys Shop, hit the karaoke box before we scream ourself mute at the concerts, or a post-concert fangirling session. Idk, but I think it'll be really fun to all gather together? So, if you would be in Tokyo this August, say "aye!" and shall we meet up?



Tentative gathering details:


Time: 2nd August 8AM
Activity: To die waiting for the goods together


Time:  4th August 12PM
Venue: Harajuku Takeshita Doori Exit
Activity: Lunch + gathering

These are the currently fixed activities!
Those who would be CONFIRMED coming, please drop me a PM. THANKS!
Sorry if it was discussed here before or not, I was searching for it and didn't find, so I think I ask.
Does anyone know why Jin didn't appear in the newest Cartoon KAT-TUN? o_O
I know he was busy with the dubbing of Speed racer, so it could be a reason...
What do you think?
  Title: It's The Thought That Counts (a.k.a. 5 Times Koki Does Something Nice For Junno)

Author: Knowmonsta

Pairing: JuKi/KokiNo (Junno x Koki)

Words: 633

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating: PG

Summary: Prompt #146 for the KAT-TUN-thon

Junno laughed and Koki watched as he opened the ice cream cup and scooped an entire teaspoon out and into his mouth.

亀→ beckoning
I am back with more cartoon KAT-TUN screencaps :D!
This time I took caps of every segment in this week's episode. I laughed more in this episode than the previous love-themed ones.

AND...!!! More preview caps from the upcoming Sendai episode :DDD!!

cKT screencaps here.

Just want to ask something?!
I've been watching the new cartoon kattun! and I really like the song being played on junno's segment.
The one in the "3 Lines of Love"?
The english song being played there, I really like the song.

Does anyone know it? What's the title and the singer?
And how/where to download the song~
Thank you very much in advance!

mods. I don't know how to tag this! >_<
09:10 pm - Fanvideo
somewhere in the internet
Hey everybody...

Usually I am just a person who comes on livejournal to swipe icons from people (but credit if used), get links for subbed videos, check out the pics, read the fanfics etc. But recently I have managed to buck up enough courage and create a fanvideo using one of my favourite dramas Gokusen 2. All the clips were made by me using Windows Movie Maker, although I do not own Gokusen 2 nor the subs for it (thank-you to whoever did that I can't remember but I got them from a torrent) but i did create the clips... I also used the song "This is Home" by Switchfoot from the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Soundtrack.

please check it out and tell me what you think

I've made wallpapers and Icons I'd like to share with you ^^

Icons are of KAT-TUN(14) .NEWS,Kanjani8,Kiss my ft2, Oguri Shun. Total 42

You can find them HERE

I also got 15 wallpapers of Jin. (1 akame & 1 Jinda, 13 Jin).

You can find them HERE

It's all located at my graphics journal, neyvaa_graphics. ^__^
09:55 pm - KAT-TUN tank top
Safe place
So recently I bought "shirt markers" to draw on a regular white tank top I had at home but I thought was pretty boring. I finally had it washed so now it's done. ^_^ I think it came out pretty good actually.

(KAT-TUN chibis)

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