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June 18th, 2008 
12:44 am - icons
kame - losing focus
{24 Stock - cupcake icons}
{24 KAT-TUN icons} 9 Kame, 3 Jin, 2 Junno, 5 Koki, 1 Ueda, 4 pairing

find more here @ tabemonojanai
I haven't seen this on here yet so I translated it for everyone here ^^ I'm also working on Affection~Mou Modorenai~ and I'm almost done with Distance. I hope everyone enjoys this ^^

12 O'Clock when zero's lined up
Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah
+must credit to me or the comm if taking.
+dont steal && claim as your own
+read the RULES before taking
+must comment before taking
+enjoy them(:

10 icons (1 NEWS and 9 KAT-TUN)
12 Super Junior icons
12 Stock/Scenery Icons
5 Headers
5 Lovebars
12 Wallpapers

3 Extra Vampire Knight Wallpapers~

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

clickie here! :D graphics la la laa~
 I've made wallpapers again loll.... 

your comment please ^_^


Title: in the still of the night
Pairing: HayaRyu (yes. i know. wtf.)
Summary: Ryu pulls his bag closer to his body, already stiff and aware of his surroundings. Enemy territory was nothing to shit at when it was way past his bedtime and he was so far from his house, that calling home would be charged as international. Head down, he navigated to the best of his abilities. He stuck to the dark corners, the colors of his school uniform blending with his surroundings so much that for a while nobody paid him any mind.
Author's Notes: For tinybars  because she is a HORRID enabler who has photo albums that would put all BNFs in the Kat-Tun fandom to shame. T_T Ou gwd, my LIFE.

Title: Emotional--Oneshot
Author: Me, ladygaia87
Pairing: Akame (Akanishi Jin/Kamenashi Kazuya)
Chapters: Oneshot
Rating: PG-13 to be safe.
Warnings: Language, kissing
Summary: Seeing Kame at the shooting for the new PV was harder on Jin's emotions that it should've been. After all, they see each other all the time...so why didn't it affect him, or hit him so strongly, until now?
Beta'd By: perfect_gold
Author's Notes: Extremely short, it's something that just popped in my head last night and I had to get it written. It takes place at the shooting for Don't U Ever Stop.

it's so awesome:


more info here:

i also have clothing, video games, KATTUN magazines, and more at my journal!
inoo orange
hello everyone! my friend and i are planning to sub some videos, but we need a japanese translator who could do so. :D so if you're a kat-tun fan and willing and persevere, then email me at yayam.otarra@yahoo.com and we shall collaborate and (hard)sub some videos! thanks! :D
So it's basically a picspam of paparazzi pics I've found from everywhere! [Blog Naver, Blogspot, Wordpess, Baidu and Livejournal]
I picked out the ones I haven't seen before and that aren't always posted everywhere. So please enjoy!

Click for the pics
05:39 pm - SHOT![subbed]
I subbed it with romanji....hope this is good...


Download link....

[fanfic]TITLE: The Dark Corner
AUTHOR: Nikattun
GENRE: action, suspense, thriller, angst, gore (not much), mystery
MAIN CHARACTERS: Nakashima Minami(fictional character), Leah Dizon as Kato Aya, and Kamenashi Kazuya as Kizakura Kazuya

OTHER IMPORTANT CHARACTERS: Akanishi Jin as Inoue Yuu and Yabu Kota as Kato Souichiro

SONG FOR THE FIC: Don’t You Ever Stop by KAT-TUN and LOST by Ueda Tatsuya

DISCLAIMER: I definitely do not own any of the J.E. characters being involved in this fanfiction... I made this fic for my sis Raine, my cousin Ara, and for my friends especially Estelle-chan(aijin_jin_17), Aine-chan(ainekaikan), and Jinjin(pi_no_tsuma).(Credits to Jinjin and Estelle-chan for the help.. Arigatou! ^_^ )
SUMMARY: A normal but strong girl Nakashima Minami, is a secretary of a known actress, Kato Aya. Minami was built up in a household of bravery and caring for their love ones. Her mistress, Aya, who was divorced to her former husband and had a son named Souichiro, is packed with incredible beauty, talent and kindness. Years passed, Aya embraced an acquaintance that she’ll never forget. A known handsome and young businessman, Kizakura Kazuya, came into Aya’s world. But something extraordinary was noticed by Minami with the great businessman. Together with her new-found friend, Inoue Yuu, she began to search for answers and secrets untold about the known “Great Dark Kazuya”. What do you think will happen to them? Will the mystery be unfolded while their lives are on the line? Will they ever found a way towards the truth?



Chapter 1 - The Introduction to the Dark Mansion *UPDATE*

Hope you like it! ^_^

NOT yet a picture

Pamphlet ¥2,000 (tax in)
[uchiwa] inside jumbo (private /6 type) each ¥500 (tax in)
poster (gathering private /7 type) each ¥800 (tax in)
clear file (gathering private /7 type) each ¥500 (tax in)
shopping bag ¥1,000 (tax in)
T shirt ¥2,800 (tax in)
bath towel ¥3,000 (tax in)
drink bottle ¥1,000 (tax in)
coin mirror ¥900 (tax in)     <----- What's it??? I wanna know
treasure box (case) ¥2,000 (tax in)
wristband ¥800 (tax in)
bandanna ¥1,000 (tax in)
meeting place limited pin badge (8 types) * as for details the next page
original penlight¥1,300 (tax in)
original photo set (gathering private /7 type) each ¥600 (tax in) 

Note: * The meeting place limited pin badge becomes limitation sale of each every meeting place. 
Because as for version of the other meeting place you cannot purchase with the meeting place, please acknowledge beforehand. 

More detail:: http://www.johnnys-net.jp/j/jshop/goods/kattun/c_goods.html  & http://www.johnnys-net.jp

Anyway, I think all goods're cool because pirate theme, Right?
11:43 pm(no subject)
Credit delicatinelity or urideul. Either way is fine.
Textless icons are not bases, so please don't edit them and claim as your own. (Actually, don't edit anything!)
Comment if your taking anything and no hotlinking.

CONTAINS: Nobuta Wo Produce</i> fanart, Akanishi Jin, Ikuta Toma, DBSK, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Shim Changmin, Jung Yunho, Jaechun & Taeyang
TOTAL: 58 icons + 1 Wallpaper


found here @ urideul.
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