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Making it world wide!
May 29th, 2008 
12:10 am - first post : wpp
newbie and first post here ~ =D
I created some wpp, 2 Nakamaru and 1 Jin...


{ its here }
Another track was previewed, Distance is the title.
An Enka like song I must say, I was shocked that KAT-TUN ventured into so many different style in this album and the good news is I like this song so much feel in this song.
Jin's voice sounds so gentle to me.
Guys go hear it!

Preview: Distance

Thanks to kaori87 for the link to download.
Usaupload: Download
I just finished with my few projects and I wanted to share them with you...^^
I made my own versions of some Kame's and Jin's songs...maybe I can lend few minutes of your precious time...o(^_^)o
you can find them in my journal...^^
comments are LoVe...<3<3
02:46 am(no subject)
I've been playing with photoshop again and making more icons to share. They're not the best or most original but i put a lot of work into them so enjoy

[26] kat-tun
[8] news
[3] kanjani 8
[6] hey!say! JUMP

Here ^-^

03:47 am - Jin gifs
Kombachiwa !

Want to share some gifs I made. They're basics^^

Sample :


Feel free to use it with credits plz !

Here in my LJ Jyanita

x-posted in </b></a>jin_daily
06:37 am - Euphoria (fic)

Title: Euphoria
Akanishi Jin was forced to sell drugs by a gang whom he accidentally crashed into when he was still a child. One unexpected night, his life was suddenly entangled with this guy who is well known to be a Virgin Stripper at a club. What will happen to the both of them after meeting each other? Will they be able to discover special feelings towards each other like LOVE?
Pairing: AKame

anou~ this is my first fic.... [all of my posts are my firsts... so please don't expect too much!:)] arigatou... [credits to </a></b></a>bea_chan22 for the title of my first ever fic!]

(Chapter 1)
ongaku lover
Hey everyone! I'm making this post for a friend, akiro_chan. She made some mobile themes, and she wanted to share them to you guys. :D

10:24 am - 12 o'clock!!!!
Alright everyone, found this on youtube.

12 o'clock, stay with me!!!

It's a full leak of the song, 12 o'clock. This album's going to be amazing, I'm absolutely sure of it. Though I'm not too pleased with their poppy stuff, I love it when they experiment with different genres. The song's in a similar vein of "six senses" and the leaked song, "AFFECTION" or any of Kat-tun's faster but not exactly rock songs. That introduction is something else by the way. too bad 12 o'clock is on the limited edition. I can't wait to hear a clearer version of this to hear how the lines are broken up; I'm hoping for solo lines a la "SHOT". "12 o'clock" is my favorite of the leaked tracks so far. What do you guys think?
It is written NEW there so I'm not sure when they placed #7.I'm proud of them.Actually no other Japan band was there as I saw.But maybe I'm mistaken.Let's try support them I hope they'll be better with their new album.

11:33 am(no subject)
Akame still lives on.. ♥
  title: chocolate
  author: me!(unfortunately!!! ahahahahaha) unbetaed..
  genre: eh?!!!! crack and angst perhaps...
  pairing: AKAME
  rating: NC-17 on the upcoming chapters..xD(w/ only 4 chaps)-supposed to be a oneshot
  summary: kame loooookssss sjfwihskhiwhdkss with chocolate!  Kame was forced to play a game including chocolates,and w/ that Jin was tempted to do something entertaining (sucks at summaries)

.....this is my first fic so pls be considerate:) thanks..! comments are loved!:)

chapter 1

I like the way people call Jin as pig and Kame as turtle

Enjoy ^^

06:04 pm - 9 Banners
Safe place
I've decided to share my old layout banners so they won't waste away. They're all with KAT-TUN members, mostly Jin.

2. Comment if you take.

And also, if you would like one of these banners customized I don't mind doing it for you. Just drop me a line of which banner you want customized and what text you want on it. ^_^


Yankumi will be appearing on a segment of 24hour TV. Matsujun, who was also in part 1 of the series and is one of the main personality, might also be appearing as Sawada Shin. Names of actors from Part 2 such as Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya and Koike Teppei too have a high possibility of taking part.

◆メーン司会の松潤ら番組OB続々登場も ○…メーンパーソナリティーを務める嵐の松本潤(24)は「ごくせん」OBのひとり。02年4月から放送された第1シリーズの生徒役で、仲間とは久々の“共演”となる。「ごくせん」とのコラボということで、現在の3年D組の生徒たちも番組に登場するが、KAT−TUNの亀梨和也、赤西仁に小池徹平ら人気俳優を数多く輩出しているだけに、新旧生徒たちの集合にも注目だ。


More concrete possibility of Hayato AND Ryu's return? *FLAILS BADLY*


very miserably short but HQ previews of Taboo/Our story ~prologue~/Hell,no on the official website

& fanpicture of billboard of QoP

Nakamaru wrote on his Jweb that KAT-TUN filmed a new commercial for Rohto yesterday, no mentioning if it was split up or together, but either way this means we have a new CM to look foward too ^^

Credits: AngelJin @ mixi
Hello, Everyone

I was bored today afternoon, that's why I decided to think about 'What would Kame do in a certain situation?' (too much free time, I know..). So I made some icons based on shop photos. If you're interested you can check them out

Minna-san, I've made kat-tun icon for ava and kat-tun wallpie!!

Kame: 3
Jin: 3
Junno: 1
Tatchan: 1
maru: 1

K: 1


and the other...

check my LJ: http://ryl92.livejournal.com/tag/kat-tun

Taiwan channel V and MTV channel had shown the 8 minutes full version of DUES PV.
And I found this online streaming web which a fan had posted this on the website.
The 8 Min ver is way way much cooler.


Those hu have cable tv, go watch MTV channel there is a chance that u might catch the PV. For the download file, I dun have it yet so wait for sometime I guess not long we might get it soon. I watch it on my TV big screen and that was great =)

Thanks to fellow fangals, everyone can dl it thru here!
kaori87 for the gogobox link
gogobox: Download
gal_ps for the MU link flv ver
MU(flv ver): Download
snowaltz for the MF link avi ver
MF: Download
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