April 21st, 2008

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We Don't Need to Whisper (JunDa drabbles)

Title: We Don’t Need to Whisper
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Taguchi Junnosuke/Ueda Tatsuya
Disclaimer: This is fo realz. And toilets can fly.
Notes: 10 JunDa drabbles for the 10 songs meme. AKA overdue fluff for the Junno to my Ueda, ravyn_ashling, who drew superawesome RyoDa and KameDa art for my birthday. I love you, bb. Enjoy! ♥

{ I swear I’ll melt if you touch me at all, but then I’ll ask you to do it again, and again. }
Kame - pensive

Like (One-shot)

Title: Like
Pairing: KameCchon (Kame x Tacchon), Akame (friendship), OhYass (friendship)
Genre: I'd have to say fluff. xD
Disclaimer(s): Don't own anybody~~Kei/ </a></b></a>tesshi gave me the pairing idea!
Summary: Kame and Tacchon both like each other, but are afraid to confess...can another one of Jin's stupid ideas and their idiotic friends help them?

**This fic is totally for Kei~</a></b></a>tesshi~I swear, I had no idea what I was doing while I was writing this, and I totally fail at writing Kanjani8 characters because I don't really know their personalities well...and I'm not really a fan. Hehe *bricked* But anyway, it's my best attempt at KameCchon, and it's totally for Kei~cheers to your secret-but not-so-secret OTP!

About the fic...sorry if I switch perspectives a bit suddenly sometimes, but I wanted to make it evenly written between Kame and Tacchon. The entire fic is written in 1st person, but from both of their perspectives...yeah I'll shut up now. XD

Enjoy, everybody! Tips are definitely welcome to help me improve. COMMENTS ARE LOVE!

"I always have to wonder what you're thinking about..."
Yoseob cute


Ok i've been looking EVERYWHERE and i cant find the video of jin saying "Why Jennifer?!" and i wanna see it soooo bad, i have an mp3 file of it but never sen the video T^T so if you have it or know where i can find it please tell me.

Arigatou in advance 
Misc - Photography Love

[vid + audio] 2002 Okyakusama wa Kamisama Concert

I've uploaded the 2002 Okyakusama wa Kamisama Concert as a whole as well as by individual performance. The concert as well as each clip are available in AVI, MPG, and MP4 formats as well as MP3 rips of each song. All links are available for MU, SS and MF.

Download links are ~HERE~

You can also find 2001 - 2006 KAT-TUN performances, as well as a full 2001 Shounen Club with KAT-TUN performing.

Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah

Extra Lessons: An Idiot's Guide to Sex-ed [MASTERLIST]

Title: Extra Lessons: An Idiot's Guide to Sex-ed (aka Extra Lessons)
Author: xlolitsnozomix
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG-13 (but DEFINITELY turning NC-17 because it was supposed to be originally...)
Genre: Fluff, Romance, AU, crack, humor
Disclaimer: I own my akame muses 8D -huggles them-
Summary: Jin is a 3rd year highschool student who will be returning as a senior. However, in order to graduate, he has to to take a sex-ed class that he hadn't taken in all of his 3 years in high school. So during summer school, he decides to take the class to get it over with. However, as soon as the first day of summer school starts, twists, turns, drama, and unexpected romance are abundant in every corner he turns! And he think maybe it won't be such a boring summer afterall....
Warnings: Forbidden Love between teacher && student 8D so dont read it if that offends youu~!(:

| Chp 1 |
| Chp 2 Part 1 |
| Chp 2 Part 2 |
UPDATED~!!! CHP 3~!!! |