April 7th, 2008



hello everyone...
if you don't mind~
does anyone have the mp3 rip of the lips performance when KAT-TUN was doing the "seniors teach us 100 rules to being an adult" show?
because ...
 i realllly want it ^-^:
thanks so much for everybodys time~
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RyoDa Fic: Irony Chapter 3

Title: Irony
Fandom: KAT-TUN/NEWS/Kanjani8
Pairing: From RyoDa <3 to RyoDa </3
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Warning: Attempted Angst. XDDD
Summary: Ueda gave Ryo his all, and yet it turned out to be painful.
Chapter Summary: Ueda finally decides to give in.
A/N Minna~~ Did it take long? I'm so sorry. ^^;; I had to rest. Hehe. And I was distracted, too. So I had a hard time writing. :D It's choppy and poorly written... I'm really sorry. o.o; I was also insane when I was writing this, so some things here defy common sense. And be warned for so much OOC. o.o;; This will be my last update for a while. (I'll be gone for a week. ^^;;) Jya ne! :D

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
( Chapter 3 : "Umm... The fairies you talk to might hypnotize you and then kidnap you and make you their slave?" )

100 Kame icons

Konnichiwa minna!

I made some Kame icons and I felt like sharing them. Some of them are really good I think, the others are pretty bad, gomen. (Actually, I have to say, that I haven’t any Photoshop yet, because my notebook is pretty new. That’s why some of the icons aren’t really nice.)

Feel free to take any of them, but please credit it if you do so! Thanx!

And comments are loved!

Some random previews:

Collapse )

AKAME ... Editting Picture ^__^

Hi ^^

I just saw an old picture and got an idea.  So I created this editting picture.

A lovely couple on honeymoon  *^0^*

Click to see the big size (2 different pictures.)
2) http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/4875/32oz8.jpg

You can see original picture here.
(credit to winged_kame)


chapter 4

Title: Hold On or Move On
Pairings: JunDa, RyoDa (Akame and TaNaka)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: PG-15
Summary: Ueda is trapped with the memories of his first love until someone comes and offers him a new love. Should he hold on or move on?
A/N: Well this part is more on TaNaka... coz I really wanna insert their story... JunDa would be in the next... It's a slow and complicated affair of course...comments would really make me happy... (^_~)

Prologue   ~   Chapter 1   ~   Chapter 2  ~  Chapter 3

Chapter 4
GD Cute



I just finished watching DreamBoys 2006 (the links finally worked for me!!) and i found that the version of Everytime~夢のかけら~
i have i different to the one on DBS, so i was wondering if anyone had the clip to the version i have?

this is the version i have which is slightly different cos Kame starts off the songs here, whereas in DBS Ryo starts off the song:


Thanks in advance!!
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The Angel--Bonus Smut Chap.

Title: THE ANGEL (bonus smut chp. that i promised everyone) XD
Author: xlolitsnozomix
Pairing: Kameda
Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: yeah. i dont own them; they own me<3
Summary: Jin and Kame are going through some rough times. Then they decide to break it off. Kame finds himeslf falling for someone else in such a short amount of time that Jin wasnt by his side. To all of their surprises, Jin also found someone new of his own...
Warning: OMG. first attempt at smut O_O;;; BEWARE!! you have been WARNED! so therefore its not my problem if u end up running away screaming, scarred for life and like never read smut again, okiee? x]]

here are links:
chp1sc1 | chp1sc2 | chp1sc3 | chp1sc4 |.chp2sc1 | chp2sc2 | chp2sc3 | chp3sc1 | chp4 | chp5 | Epilogue |

click here to read on~!!(:

hibari/chrome; some tyl lovin&#39;

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Well... All of the icons are from the LIPS PV XD Late, but what the heck? XD Please enjoy! I'm working on the calendar too~



BTW, does anyone have a softsub file for Cartoon KAT-TUN Ep. 1? I checked chikara-san's lj, but... ;____; Haha. You get the picture~ Thanks for the help! :D
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Jealousy only ends in disaster (One-shot)

Title: Jealousy only ends in disaster (One-shot)
Author: [info]hanez
Akame, One-sided KoKame
Rating: PG 13
Genre: Angst and Fluff
Summary: Jin is jealous of the recent KoKame craze and tries hard to get his boyfriend's attention. Only now things turn the wrong way due to Jin's stupid acts, giving KoKame more chance together.

He had enough of the KoKame craze ...