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March 28th, 2008 
12:33 am(no subject)
[x20] KAT-TUN (mostly Akame)
[x20] aragaki yui, aoi yuu

profile bars
[x05] akame (400x200)


here @ angelsdeparted
r-yoooo <3
Shounen Club Theme : Graduation (Production Of BNS)
Since the mediafire links are broken, I've reuploaded them.

NOTE : DO NOT upload the projects to youtube or any other streaming sites.
Releases which are NOT zipped up with a password can be shared in other forums, LJs, clubboxes without asking for permission, but please apply in this thread first.
You can rename the files but do not remove the [BNS] tag.
Guests who do not want to register should also post their application in that thread. Thanks
To the links ..Collapse )
02:34 am - icons
♥ sometimes I think you mean it
1-16 KAT-TUN
17-22 Yamapi

more? here~
06:58 am - Revision Time!
Mello Everyone,

Sorry, this is more than late, I know! I blame it on my moving to Japan! Only 2 more days!

Here is the latest community and website advertisements!!

Don't forget! If you want to advertise your blog crew please make sure to post them in the advertisement post.

There are A LOT this time!!Collapse )
i was wondering if anyone knew where i can find the theme music for byakkotai and the lullaby that is
sung to koki!?

or if anyone wud be willing to rip it for me..?

onegaishimasu ^^

ano....may I know if there's One Pound Gospel OST for download? I mean, I know it's been out for sale, but i'm so broke so i can't buy the CD. I already checked the tags, and found out that nobody has upload it yet (or i dunno if my eyes were playing trick on me). So, anybody can give me the links to dl it? or if sumone wants to upload it me, can you kindly upload it on MF/MU/SS? MF is preferable though.

so sorry if this is a bother. and thanks in advance.i'll appreciate if you guys can help me =)
01:49 pm - DUN dun DUN
Title: Prince of Puns
Author: kazenosuke
Pairing: slight Jinno...kind of.  They're still in denial.  I sigh.
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Chapter IV: A small trip to the convenient store has Junno and Jin running for their lives.
A/N: Pure and utter crack.  Sorry it took so long, guys.
Disclaimer: I own all characters here within.  Except, not.

Previous chapters:  I   II   III
Title  : Femme Latte’s (Easter Special)
Pairing  : Well all I can say here is, I’ve: Ueda Tatsuko, Yassuko, Tesshi, Kamenashi Kazuko, Akanishi Jinny, Yamapi, Ryo, Massu, Ohkura, Koki.
Genre  : Idk lol. Brainless fic? XD
Summary  : Shall we go somewhere together? (I know it’s not summary but at least you can get a rough gauge from it XD XD ahh who cares, just scroll down your mouse and read.)

what's with these idiots ignoring me??
dh :: {sunglasses and pretty hair}
TITLE: Untitled Drabble
GENRE: fluff, ridiculously unnecessary fluff
A/N: Ah! I don't even know what to say. I just opened Word and this little monster sprang out.

亮 → ♥
Hello! n.n
first time posting *is super nervous*


here for the graphics!Collapse )

Hope you like them~ n.n

Hi I wanted to know if anyone was willing to translate fics for me.
They are in traditional chinese.

Carl closeup
I found Odagiri Ryu's hair! :DDD Well, technically, it's Peggyzone #02349's hair, but I think it's really similar despite it being a little too red.


(I edited the screencaps a little, to smooth and pretty him up...) For more caps of my sorry attempt at digitalising Odagiri Ryu and downloads in case somebody wants to install the bodyshop package or the hair...

10:44 pm(no subject)
Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah

Title: Vanilla Latte, Please? (Chapter 4)
Author: xlolitsnozomix
Pairing: Akame, Junki, Maruda
Rating: R
Genre: fluff, humor, crack, romance, AU
Disclaimer: plot=mine(: thats all (_ _!!)
Summary: Kame is a talented musician who terribly wants to meet the artist who created the paintings that he relies on as inspiration to make a living. Kame dreams of living by a peaceful ocean since he despises everything about big cities.(But he is completely addicted to coffee xD) When he unexpectedly bumps into the idol he's been dreaming of meeting, his life takes a turn for the unexpected...Is it for the good or the worse? Read on and find out!(; <--decent summary omfg xDDD

links? |Chp 1 | Chp. 2 | Chp. 3 |

( scribbles and doodles on his notebook all of Jin's name )

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