March 16th, 2008

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I have been "Kimura" fan for a long time.   Recently i'm falling in love again with Kat-Tun...esp Akanishi.  I'm curious about "How was Kat-Tun going" in the six month of Jin hiatus and "How was the concert "Cartoon Kat-Tun II you" before Jin has joined.  I just don't want to miss these period about them.  From my point of view, Jin is important to Kat-Tun and also Kame-chan, Ueda, Maru, Koki & Junno, they are amazing together.  Feel free to leave you though here. ^i^

calendar icons/bases

FINALLY!! this is the end result of my whole holiday. i was experimenting with all the different types of tutorial i can find. and these are what i could get. some arent that nice, please pardon. hopefully you guys like it.=).

[8] kamenashi kazuya
[10] akanishi jin
[4] taguchi junnosuke
[8] tanaka koki
[9] ueda tatsuya
[7] nakamaru yuichi
[1] akameda

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Hello everybody!!

Let me introduce my self mina san, i'm new to this community so i welcome and thanking for every helping hands. First of all i'm a new fan of KAT-TUN so any information about them would be more than useful to me to add my knowledge about them.
And if you don't mind helping me with the translation over here:, it is akanishi jin categories. i would like to know about the second picture, it seems like jin walking with kazuya but i don't understand japanese so i don't know what its written in the article. So if you don't mind please help me with the translation. thanks before.
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Hey :)
Going to Japan next month.. was wondering exactly where the JE family club is in Shibuya? anyone have an address? Anyone have any suggestions of things to go see.. like johnny shops etc.. and even where they are? In Osaka and Tokyo :)

food for all!

Maru painting :)

Hey guys, don't know if you remember but i posted a while ago for pictures of KAT-TUN with animals ;D
i did end up finding a good reference picture (thanks!). however, i didnt get a chance to post my painting up til now because my teacher kept it to hang in the halls or whatever ><'

anyways, here's the thumb:

full thing under cut

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I checked in the tags before posting this up, i saw a pv but when you
click it,theres nothing there,so i thought i'd post it here for everyone! 
before the links expire i put this up for whoever :p

Artist: Shuuji to Akira/修二と彰
Single: Seishun Amigo/青春アミーゴ
Release Date: 11/02/2005
1. Shuuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo/修二と彰 - 青春アミーゴ
2. Yamashita Tomohisa - Colorful/山下 智久 - カラフル
3. Kamenashi Kazuya - Kizuna/亀梨和也 - 絆
4. Shuuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo (Original Karaoke)/修二と彰 - 青春アミーゴ (Original Karaoke)
5. Yamashita Tomohisa - Colorful (Original Karaoke)/山下 智久 - カラフル (Original Karaoke)
6. Kamenashi Kazuya - Kizuna (Original Karaoke)/亀梨和也 - 絆 (Original Karaoke)

Shuuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo (single).rar
Shuuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo (regular edition) scans.rar
Shuuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo (limited edition) scans.rar
Shuuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo.avi

credits to Saci :D


Wallpapers, yay!

It's been a long time since I made any wallpapers so they may be crappy and the image quality might be low since I used small pictures and made them way bigger than the original. So yeah.

These are all in 1440x900 because that's the resolution of my screen.

Hayato & Ryu (3)
Odagiri Ryu (2)
Tanaka Koki (1)
Shochikubai Miroku (1)
Ueda Tatsuya (1)

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Uebo Again

Heyy, I've returned with another question regarding Uepi. :]

If you search around on sites (ex. wikipedia) it says Ueda has witnessed a man being killed.

I know sites, especially wikipedia, are not always true but that particular fact has been up for a couple years so I'm just assuming it's true, if it weren't it would seem like someone would fix it by now, right? 

Does anyone have any information on this? Like a magazine article or something? 

It doesn't seem like this would be something that anyone would really talk about in general so it surprises me that it's publicly known.

So yeah, that's all. Any information? :]
i&#39;m here for you

some KAT-TUN new skins....!!!(^___^)v

in this afternoon,while i'm in boring mood...i get an ideas to created some new kat-tun winamps skin.right here,i wanna share with all of you...
hope you're really enjoy it with the new skins which created by me.
ah..don't forget to comment it,okay?! (^___^)v

1 - akame

2 - 1_kattun

3 - 2_kattun

4 - akanishi jin_1

5 - akanishi jin_2

6 - jin-kun

7 - jin-kun_1

8 - kamechan_1

9 - kamechan_2

10 - kattun_2

11 - kattun_3

12 - kattun_4

13 - takada

14 - nakamaru-kun_1
Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah

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hey everyone~! back with my next batch of wallies. i made 2 extra kattun group ones cuz i felt like they were needed for it to be complete D: so yeah. at first i was just gunna do all of koki's and maru's and put them together with these 3 of jin and 3 of junno as well but then it would take too long so i decided to post these first. gomen ne~! *gets bricked* D: well anywho, i worked super hard on these so please comment if taking or if u like it(: and no hotlinking onegaishimasu!! thank you(: hope u like them(:


here for the rest and for true image size


Hi, I'm very new here so hopefully I'm doing this right. Can anyone tell me where I can download videos of Ueda's solo performances (preferably from mediafire cause I can't use megaupload) and also the video of Nakamaru and Ueda's performance of Yorokobi no uta. Thanks a lot! 

Edit: Oh, forgot to add, preferably in .mp4 but I don't mind .avi. Once again, thanks a lot!

Fourth Avenue Café - Chapter 17

Title: Fourth Avenue Café
Pairings: Akame, slight Ryopi
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jin's a successful artist when a fight with his friends forces him to seek stress relief in a little café where he meets what he considers, the strangest people.

Chapter 1//Chapter 2//Chapter 3//Chapter 4//Chapter 5//Chapter 6//Chapter 7//Chapter 8//Chapter 9//Chapter 10//Chapter 11//Chapter 12//Chapter 13//Chapter 14//Chapter 15//Chapter 16

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