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Making it world wide!
March 11th, 2008 

Yay! Finished Ch. 2!!!
Here you go<3


48 hours can change everything (2/5)
Pairings: RyoDa & Pin, and KAT-TUN friendship.
Genre: Humor, Romance, Bit of angst
Rating: PG-13
Summary: KAT-TN and YamaPi are tired of Ryo and Tatsuya fighting. Jin and YamaPi come up with a plan, that involves a closet. What could possibly go wrong?
A/N: If I owned Tatsuya, or any member of KAT-TUN; I would not be sitting here writing stories XD

12:01 am - Layouts!
I browed though kattunlove looking for a nice layout yesterday, but.. I couldn't find one! There were like.. nonexistent !
In lack of good looking JE boys-layouts offered to the public I decided to make my own to share with those who'd want them.

[1] Akanishi Jin
[1] Uchi Hiroki
[1] Yamashita Tomohisa
[1] Ohkura x Yasuda
[1] Yamashita Shoon

Theme: flexible squares
Sidebar: no
Account type: basic/plus/paid

You can get the code and biggre preview's HERE.
I really hope you'll like them! :D
Take care!~

x-posted (>_<)
01:05 am(no subject)
Translations on April 2008 ポポロ & 7.3.08 KAT-TUN Style (:
* corrected the link

AKAME again?
01:05 am(no subject)
Hey, minna-san^^

I was wondering if anyone had English subtitles for the Gokusen2 special reunion? It lasts nearly two hours and it looks like there's lots of interesting stuff in there...
Thank you in advance^^
more download links :D

KAT-TUN HEY3x telephone box (credits to NyA)
MU link

KAT-TUN Clinic Skit (credits to BNS)
MU link
10:23 am - ...3 Drabbles...
Title(s): Infatutaion / Warmth / Angel
Pairings: JunDa / TaNaka / Akame
Genre: Fluff
Summary: These drabbles are too short for summaries.
A/N: I'm too lazy to type my long chapter 2 so I decided to post these drabbles I came up with last Sunday night.

...3 fluffy drabbles staright away...
こきたん ~_~
OK OK I know it's a bit soon but yeah... I've just finished this 2 am in the morning and I just can't wait to share you this bacause I'm so happy that I can finally be free after a whole boring week in the hospital XD 

Well, no more talkative XD Please take a look at this and tell me if you like it or not, ne~ I look forward to hear you complain and things... Please make me happier because I'm so excited right now XD (That I can't do more than smiling and laughing)

Yeah~ I don't know if you guys celebrate the White Day or not but... Oh well, who cares. I just want to share this (Hey it's got rhymp~) 

Plz... Please click this if you wanna see it~

Domo~ Please enjoy it, ne~

11:14 am - 13 Wallies.
櫻井翔x相葉雅紀 ♣ Way to ruin the cute
Here's 13 Kat-Tun wallpapers I just made. =)

Kat-Tun = 13
Solo ::
Kamenashi Kazuya : 3
Akanishi Jin : 2
Nakamaru Yuichi : 1
Tanaka Koki : 3
Duo/Trio/Group ::
KoKame : 1
Group : 2
TaNAka : 1

Preview :
Tanaka Koki Kamenashi Kazuya 

More HERE. ^__^  Hope you like them. =)
liar game
i thought i would like to share what i made with you guys. i cut and made akame pictures ( only them together ) using photoshop. so maybe you would like to use it for icons or whateva. ^_^ comments are love if you're taking. * wink *


( caution : images are extra big and heavy !!! )Collapse )
does anybody know where i can download the 24HourTV special? where KAT-TUN was a part of it?

i am currently downloading Tegoshi Yuya's... it's been quite a while too since i was looking for KAT-TUN's but i cant find it.. i need help :(

preferably if the links are in MF, uploading.... hehe

BTW.. anybody kind enough to tutor me on LJ Layouts.. i really want to do something with my layout like put a new header or something but i really dont know how.. help... T-T.. onegai...
[tvxq] sunshine
Title: The Jejune Chronicles, Part I : First Contact, Chapter 7
Pairing: JunDa
Rating: PG
Genre: School, Romance, Drama
Summary: High school senior, Tatsuya Ueda, faces increasing alienation from his father and peers before his life takes a sharp turn upon meeting Junno, a man hired by his father for work to be done on his house. Caught off guard, stilled suddenly by his simple, but somehow charming demeanor, a clandestine relationship is formed, pushing him into the throes of adulthood and folds of his forbidden love.
Previous Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Chapter Seven
dh :: {sunglasses and pretty hair}
Part 2 of 7: Akanishi Jin. Icon bases from each individual shot of Jin in the new KT Calendar.

O426.png image by marie153rd O516.png image by marie153rd O229.png image by marie153rd

These can be used as bases, icons, whatever. Do what you want with them. Please make sure to read what's written about credit, and don't forget to comment!
[04] 080227 cartoon KAT-TUN
[04] 080308  天才!志村どうぶつ園
[02] 080310 OXY


click here
Love in any form (Strange Romances)
Title – One party. Four guys.
Author - Ritsu (crazy_otaku911)
Rating - G
Warnings – ?
Characters – wait and see.
Synopsis – You're at a party. What JE boy catches your eye?
Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I don't own JE. If I did, Jin would be mine.
Notes – Written in 2nd person, this is kinda like a 'Choose your own Adventure'
I wrote this for 3 people! And you know who you are! *glomps xrei_chanx, suzuki_kiritani, and hanetsuki*~ Loves you!

We like to party! @ pocky_addiction

(No, this isn't locked~ I remembered this time! XD)
The Seventeenth Drama Awarding 2007 by TV Life

Drama awarding: Yukan Club (NTV)
Actor: Akanishi Jin [Yukan Club] (NTV)
Actress: Horikita Maki [Hana Kimi] (TBS)
Supporting actor: Oguri Shun [Hana Kimi&HYD2] (CX&TBS)
Supporting actress: Aragaki Yui [Father and daughter in seven days] (TBS)
Novice: Minami [Yukan Club] (NTV)
Script: Satake Mikio [HYD2&Uta hime] (TBS)
Theme song: KAT-TUN--Keep the faith [Yukan Club] (NTV) 

no bash please. It's an awarding reflects more about popularity (or fan's power) as we can see from the list. I'm especially happy that Keep the faith got a large amount of votes there.

official website: http://www.tvlife.jp/drama-gp/ 

hi everyone.. i've just decided to post the fanvids i've made ages ago here in lj.. hehe.. just want to share them to all of you! hope you like them! :D

(1x) kat-tun
(1x) jin

the vids are here... jinstrickenpig 
[18] F.T Island
[12] Akanishi Jin
[10] Tegomass

Video killed the radio star.
07:56 pm - Icon pimpage!
Dots sleep

『kat-tun』- 22
『NewS』- 09
『kanjani 8』- 10
『Misc - Arashi, Matsuda Shota, Tsuyoshi Domoto』- 09

All here @ foot_ja_nai

xxx credit snoozing_kitten
xxx comments are like chocolate
xxx join if you like what you see
Henry Lau 3
Title: Tears for you
Ch: 1/??
Author: freepureangel
Paring[s]: Akame
Rating: PG (for now)
Warning[s]: Um.. Guess there's not too much bad stuff in the beginning.
Disclaimer:  Do i LOOK like i own them?  Celine knows I don't.. or maybe I do. xD
A/N:  Did I just make another multi-chaptered fic?  Plz vote if u want it to be a multi-chapter fic or a one-shot w/ a squeal.  either way i can do. ^^

(Fake cut to Story)   
08:18 pm - icons
Ryo // smile
53 icons
[19] Kanjani8
[15] KAT-TUN


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