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February 18th, 2008 
this is love

12 New Magazines 2008.02 - 2008.03 (85 pages)
  • Jyosei Seven 2008.02.15
  • Nikei Health 2008.03
  • Oricon Style 2008.02.18
  • SONGS 2008.03
  • The Television 2008.02.15
  • The Television 2008.02.22
  • TV Guide 2008.02.15
  • TV Guide 2008.02.22
  • TV Guide (East) 2008.02.15
  • TV Guide (West) 2008.02.15
  • TV LIFE 2008.02.29
  • TV Pia 2008.03.02
( Some preview & Download )

2008.02.16 [Zoom in Saturday] Kame interview + 1 pound behind the scenes (6m04s)

[CM] Sushi Prince Movie (30sec)

Eunmin smiles
I've translated Pi's 17th Feb 2008 J-web entry

and he mentioned about Jin in it.

That's total cuteness! :D

( Translation here )

snark - je ate my brain + rpl w/ a penis
A couple of people in the other (music) thread wanted a poll to see what attracted people to this fandom, and I was curious to find out the answers too~

Let's find out the real reason fans are fans of KAT-TUN hmmm? :)

poll of doooom under the cutCollapse )

Discussion is awesome. Wank will be laughed at. Assertion that you are a pure nun waiting for Kosaku to liberate you will be wanked and laughed at.
Fucking Fierce Taemin Fuck Yeah
Author: xlolitsnozomix
Pairing: Kameda
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: yeah. i dont own them; they own me<3
Summary: im horrible at summaries but just read it xDD GOMEN NE~!
Kame ran towards the exit door and he pushed it open so hard and ran right through so fast it seemed as if he went right through it. 
The knots in his stomach were getting tighter and tighter—making him start to feel nauseous.
[ and then he found Tat-chan and they had steamy make-up sex....AHAHAHHA jks ]



03:15 pm(no subject)
Hello everyone! Was boring, and made these icons for you!, I hope you like it 

[7] Kame
[7] Akanishi
[7] Taguchi
[7] Tanaka
[7] Ueda
[7] Nakamaru

jin6.png picture by Conye06 kame2.png picture by Conye06 junno5.png image by Conye06

☆ → s u m m e r . s o n g
115 icons + 3 Banners
20 Akanishi Jin
10 Ami Suzuki + 3 Banners
7 Berryz Koubou (animated)
8 Big Bang
4 Chinese New Year
19 JE (Countdown)
10 Kamenashi Kazuya
8 KAT-TUN (animated)
14 Wonder Girls
15 Yamashita Tomohisa


don't leave me alone
04:10 pm - icons!
music: paolo nutini
I C O N S ;
[x11] KANJANI8 (Ryouchi)
[x09] KAT-TUN (Kame)

@ coloredicons 
This is something I have been wondering a little while now, so I decided to make a poll about it: What kind of music listeners KAT-TUN attract? (Because their own style varies considerably)

Poll #1140321 Music taste

What kind of music do you like the most?

Rap / Hip Hop
Yes, i am requesting a video :D
Can anyone upload for me Ueda's solo and Kame's solo (Thanks to nryo) on CTKT so that i can convert and put in my phone (and watch my Tatchan sing LOST so beautifully everyday :D)
But please, i request, not to upload on MU or sendspace, they hate me. T.T
Thanks soooo muchie in advance.

I LOVE UEDA and KATTUN! *laughs*
08:58 pm(no subject)

- please comment if taking
- credit me [info]fefe88

- comment are

24x BigBang + 7 banners
7x Epik High + 2 banners
6x Boa
4x Taebin
1x Jinusean

6x Kat Tun

20x Gazette + 1 banner
12x Miyavi

10x Ying Yang Twins
4x Kate Nash
1x stock icons



all on my LJ

Love in any form (Strange Romances)
Title - Mostly Happily Ever After
Author - Ritsu (crazy_otaku911)
Rating - G
Warnings - ...Leah Dizon? it's un-betaed
Synopsis - In a fairy tale setting, King Kitagawa is throwing a ball. Who will Jin, Pi, and Ryo take?
Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I don't own JE. if I did. Jin would be mine.

Cinderella is so out of style

This isn't my 1st fanfic but it's my 1st time posting any...you have been warned~! I'm not that good at all...
(I'm only posting this cuz my sis says I should....)
嵐 。 nino
Title: Three way to cure Kame
Pairing: Jin x Kame (Akame ♥)
Characters: Jin, Kame
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: don't own them same old thing ): dedicated to diaodot. get well soon!
Dara abs
Hi! ello. HAHA. I never thought that I'd ever sub again, but i did. So i come here with 3 funny subtitled vids for you. DONT WORRY THEYRE NOT CRACK. THEYRE ALL REAL. i added some of my comments so. . .enjoy!~

please comment when taking!~

3. ) Ryo not talk?
    - Kanjani8, kusano, NEWS

highlights :
    - yoko saying ryo thrashes around

(jin-kun jin-kun looks good in girl clothes by koki)


10:40 pm(no subject)
ST:DS9 - Jadzia -by squishcreations
I think we should all go vote here, since the poll was linked to from the Arashi and Kanjani8 communities as well.
That at least skewers the outcome a little less. :)
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