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Making it world wide!
January 8th, 2008 
this is love
 [CM] Kame - KFC 30s (1080x810) & ZoomSata high quality (1024x576): Download )

2008.01.05 [NTV] 1 Pound no Fukuin promo - Behind the scenes: Download )

2008.01.07 [Zoomin Super & Sukkiri] 1 Pound no Fukuin Press conference: Download )

- Full version (4m15s - 320kbps) - Kame's first solo included: Download )

      Hello minna!!! I have a video request...an Utawara episode featuring JunDa, and i hope someone's kind enough to give me links... hontou ni arigatou!!

hy minna! i'm currently making a manga about Kat-tun, Yamapi, Gackt, Miyavi and Matsumoto Jun...the first volume is ready and you can take it form here:
after i will finish it i will publish it and send it also to them!...i can' t wait!
by the way...the story is really funny so don't die laughing!!! tell me if you like it. in the first volume there is mainly Kame and Yamapi. in the second one you will see Gackt, Miyavi and Matsumoto and more of Kat-tun!
04:21 pm - Backstage Truth
Title : Backstage Truth
Rating : General
Pairing : KAT-TUN/girls
Summary : After 5 years since they were formed, finally KAT-TUN was going to debut. There’s an atmosphere of happiness in the air. The world seems bright and sunny everyday. And on a photoshoot, Jin met a girl who looks like she stepped out from his dreams.
Genre : Friendship, Angst, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Chapter 2 : Shiny Before Nightmare
Summary : A cellphone number made Jin kissed his cellphone screen, while Kame had to face a nightmare came true.


my kind of disney princess
Hiyo, everyone ^^

I was wondering if there have been softsubs released that are synced to the Yukan Club special. Any help would be appreciated ^^
Title: Stolen
Pairing: Kamenashi Kazuya x Ayase Haruka
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, really
Disclaimer: Stolen-Jay Sean. Of course they arent mine lol.
Summary: During the shooting of Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Kame slowly falls in love with Ayase.

Read it @ my journal:  http://violetgurl33.livejournal.com/3863.html
Comments are love=) and con crititcism is always appreciated^__^

Yamapi ~ Kiss me
Hi Everyone ;)
I present to you all my first tryouts of:
Headers And Wallpaper (cause i only made one Wallpaper)
[3] NewS (2 Headers 1 Wallpaper)
[1] Arashi

And I also made some icons [26]
[10] KAT-TUN
[2] Arashi (nino)

Junno Masu Nino

Do Something Radical
Since I found Jin's entry from this morning on the web, I decided to translate it~ :)

Jin sounds like a parent lolll~Collapse )
"I'm HOT"
[CMs] 1 Pound no Fukuin (1280x720): Download )

New Mags Preview:
POPEYE, BOAO, Young Sunday, TV Pia


Keep the faith

Weekly sales:











10:50 pm - 18 KAT-TUN icons
They're not particularly great, but worth sharing anyway. =)


over here at my comm utatsuki
*locked in 10 days, join to see all posts
11:00 pm - peak?
I had a question... I'm SUPER MAJORLY behind on KAT-TUN... but I remember a really long while back Kame did a CM for Docomo, it was the one where he is surfing and then sitting on a sofa~ I was wondering if that song that is playing in the background.. I remember someone saying it was their new song called "Peak" has that song been released? And if so.. on what single or album? ._.; Any help would be appreciated~

11:37 pm - order popeye?
I have never order magazine online before, and I wanted to order them myself instead of going to other people, no particular reason, I just wanted to try to order by myself, and after seeing the preview of this month's POPEYE, I desperately need to order that one before it runs out!!  I tried yesasia, and amazon...nothing...they only gave me popeye the sailor T_T

Can anyone tell me where I can order POPEYE online? T_T
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