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Making it world wide!
January 4th, 2008 
02:49 am(no subject)

[x49] icons
[x01] colorbar

WATCH to see the post :)

here @ angelsdeparted
06:27 am(no subject)
♥ sometimes I think you mean it
I decided to make akame icons for only_100_icons , and I've made 35 this far..
I hope no one minds that I'm only posting 35 icons now, but I could really need some encouragement, you know.. ;.;

12:04 pm - Wallpapers

more hereーーー・・・ (o>ロ<)o
Dara abs
Hewoes! Ano sa, can anybody give me any download links for a fancam when

>>>>>Jin was dancing Seishun Amigo in Dreamboys and then Kame kicks him!

Does anyone have that? Please help will be love!!!! is it bad to request in here???? Please tell me so i wont do it again..

gome ne!

04:31 pm - I got bored
Bass guitar Maru
So for X-mas my sister got me a set of Charcoal pencils. (since we're going to Japan, i told her i wanted to pick up drawing again once we're there) but...
I haven't drawn anything in years!!! (kinda gave up drawing for painting) it must have been over 10 years since i used charcoal....ugh i forgot how messy it can be.
nevertheless i decided to try them on and see if i was still somewhat good at it.

So i drew Jin, Junno and Ueda (i used the pictures i had on my Mp3 player...so it was very small and kinda hard to see...) The size of the images is about the same as the icons on here....so i don't think i did too bad at drawing them bigger.
Misc - Photography Love
I watched the Countdown with my husband and two of our guy friends who had never seen anything JE before and spent the entire time cracking up at their comments and impressions.

I typed up all their comments on the boys, the costumes, the songs as best I could for my flist and it took me absolutely FOREVER so I thought I might as well share it with everyone since it took me so long :D

Warning for naughty language.

( So, if you're interested, here's three boys' perspective on the JE World )
10:04 pm - kame fanart

my first fanart!! banzai~!
i also tried to draw jin, but he became a pig in my drawing, so i won't post it^^
10:43 pm(no subject)
 If anyone is interested there is a show on the Travel Channel called No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. I was watching it the other day(which is totally random b/c i never watch that channel) and he was in Japan. I was barely paying attention because it was late. The next time I looked up at the TV I saw a picture of Kame, then Akanishi, then YamaPi, and some other Johnny's(I think from SMAP). He was standing in front of a shop that had posters etc. I was to busy freaking out about seeing them I didn't catch what they were saying. I wanted to let people know b/c that episode is coming on again Monday @ 5pm(eastern time). I just thought it was really cool to see some of our J-pop boys on an American TV show(even if it was just pictures). Hope everyone can watch!! ^__^

-If you miss it you can check the schedule on the website, and there is a chance you can watch it online(last time I checked they didn't have it 

x posted sorry : )
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