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Making it world wide!
December 11th, 2007 
this is my friend try to make 'Crazy Love' fanvid with karaoke subbed


credit : pikapika2 @ kattunesia
01:38 am(no subject)
♥ sometimes I think you mean it
hello dear community~

I've been looking for this one shot someone wrote for quite a while, because I didn't wanna ask but.. ^^'
anyway, if I remember it right it starts with Yamapi taking Tegoshi to some underground club thing where lots of Johnny's hang around, and then Jin shaves off Kame's hair on a stage in that club <.< ple~ase tell me someone knows what I'm talking about >.<
thank you in advance m(_ _)m ♥

Maru&#39;s hips don&#39;t lie

I need a large favour as I seem to such in life!
I seemed to have misplaced my clip of Maru's Understandable on Shounen Club.
It's my favorite and when I went to watch it tonite....BAM! not there!

I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to upload it to MediaFire?

Thank you A LOT in advance,
k.a.t. - t.u.n.
hi. this is my first post here. i´m really happy i found this community ^oo^
sry my first post is a lame request ^^°°°°°

well, i can´t find a tracklist for Yukan club OST in romanji.
when i asked for help i was made surfing around on www.hmv.co.jp.
i´m sure it is there ... somewhere but i got totally lost/ only got the kanji- tracklist.^^°°°°°°
maybe it´s only 1 click away, but ... yeah ... *drop* ^^°°°°°

is there someone who can help me?
please please please *chibi eyes* @oo@

saaaaaaaaanku so much in advance ^oo^
I translated KAT-TUN's interview on zoom in this morning on my LJ ^^
Video is up on youtube by luvjin

Shinji ♥
omg my first entry to this community >//<'

here is an avatar of Jin it's the first ava i really like ._.''' (and one of mike he)
it would be nice when you comment them if you like them ._.

> Nya~ <

if i did something wrong here feel free to delete x_x
k.a.t. - t.u.n.
dear mixmin199 upped the 2007.12.11 [Zoomin Super] KAT-TUN interview hereCollapse )

i just watched it and discovered something beautiful.^^
at 2:03 Jin does such a cuuuuuute thing with his nose ^oo^

i wanted to ask is someone, if there is time or you r bored atm *gg*, can make a gif-ava with that?
would be teh Luv ^oo^

thanks a lot in advance ^oo^

2 request in one day.
i owe i guys a thing.^^
Dara abs
hewo. I'd like to let everybody know about this ep of SC i subbed and you know...for them to watch it cause i think its hilarious. anyways, here is the link:


if you want any downloads, just comment so i can upload it in any download sites...

im working on uploading it on mediafire....im sorry but thats probably the only site im going to upload it to cuz it takes so long in my comp.


 ALSO PLEASE go to my lj for more linkies!!

Hey everyone! About 20 or so icons of KAT-TUN! Plus like 9 new wallies!

(Fake cut)
Gaga Glamour
[1-35] Yukan club ep. 6
[36-54] 1 Litre no Namida
[55-57] Akanishi Jin

2x Akanishi Jin Friends only banner
4x Akanishi Jin wallpaper


here @ [info]ddreaming
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