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Making it world wide!
December 5th, 2007 
akanishi jin (1)
hey guys. i'm new to lj and to this community. i think some of you may recognize me by my name but just a quick introduction of myself. i've been a fan of KAT-TUN since the summer of 2005 and obviously, i'm a jin fan as well as an akame fan. i've read all the rules and i'm going to try to be careful of not breaking them because i'm a moderator myself for another community and i understand the frustration when people break the rules. i'm still trying to work around lj and not getting confused with all the tagging and etc. but i'll get used to it after a while i hope :) i'm looking forward to meeting you guys and hope to be a positive addition to this community. if you have any questions...ask me!!
09:59 am - Good morning!~
 Hey guys.. just a random discussion on 1 Pound no Fukuin

I love KamenashiKazuya and KAT-TUN! I'll support 1 Pound no Fukuin no matter what happen ^^;
06:51 pm - Ishida Yuya
Yo minna. Everyone doin' good?
I wanted to know if anyone has screencaps of Kamenashi's role as Yuya in Sappuri, or could link me to some?
No bribes, but i'm going to be making some Sappuri icons soon. So any help is very much appriciated! ^^
07:43 pm - ICONS
伊藤 潤二 monster
17 KAT-TUN Icons.


here @ _usotsuki_
Kame in Pound of Gospel magazine cuts
and close ups!!!
OMG~ the "new" Kame... xD
he looks sooo different~
Im sooo excited for this drama!!
I hope that someone could sub it when it's out~

Check it out yo~!!!

11:55 pm - Wallpapers
仁 - btr backstage w/cap
Hey minna-san ^^

i've made a bunch of walls =)
This time:

4 Akame
2 Jin
1 Kame

3 KoyaShige
2 Pi-chan
1 RyoPi
1 Tegoshi


You can find the rest here at my journal

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