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Making it world wide!
November 9th, 2007 
Untitled Jin/Ueda drabble
Author: pixisity/chaoticempath
Rating: G-ish
Summary: Jin, Ueda, and silk scarves.

You can find it here.
02:51 am - Help?
Maru's hips don't lie

This is my fave Kame pic but I was wondering if ANYONE had a high quality version of it!I would REALLY appreciate it!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thank you in Advance!
02:10 pm(no subject)
I've made wallpapers from the Dream Boys phamphlet. This time I also made bigger wallpapers in the size 1280x1024 for you who doesn't have 1024x768, so this time you've got 2 sizes to choose from.

1 Kamenashi x Tanaka
1 Kamenashi
1 Tanaka

You'll find them all HERE
konnichiwa minna san, i'm new here and i thought of sharing junno's 20/02/07 jweb entry, translated by me.
i hope this hasn't been posted before, if it has the mods can delete it. enjoy!! :)

click here
Welcome to iYOUkoso

Hi, i found this screencap of jin and kame on the 2004? shounen club but wasn't sure of the exact airing date. Would anyone be able to help me here? The photo is as shown below:

Thanking all in advance for your help! :) 
04:05 pm - sale

have these tthree magazines for sale.
Potato oct07 $11, winkup oct07 $11, winkup dec07 $13.
04:07 pm - BATJIN
So at some point last night jin_love uploaded these gorgeous scans of Jin. I took one look at the first image of Jin wearing a very nice black leather and jacket and, for whatever reason, decided the best thing to do was to badly CG a Batman logo on it. Basically, Jin + Batman logo = Batjin. ...there really is no good explaination for this.

My Batlogo is pastede on yey!!!1
finally after my recorder program crashed and I had to install a new one  here is it, KAT-TUN style for today.

(MU): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VX3U0IC2
(SS): http://www.sendspace.com/file/q939wp
Okay, I had this WILD idea at work today since I just recently got my Kame (fluff)friend shirt in the mail last night. Well, I decided to make a Bakanishi 101 shirt that featured his first lesson of "Car Shrimp"! So yeah...the price starts at $19.95 (that's US Dollars) for the type of shirt I have as the default. But if you want it pink, it boosts up to $22.45 (plus shipping of course!)

09:39 pm - Icons <3!
伊藤 潤二 monster
13 Jin Icons from the latest Popeye

this way... @ my journal.
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