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Making it world wide!
October 5th, 2007 

Title: Make a perfect Johnny Boy
Number of players: 500
Summary: We'll create our perfect JE-man. Each fan adds three features of a JEboy he considers perfect and we'll see what we get at the end XD. Maybe I describe it too complicatedly. Ok. For example, I think that Jin's hips are the best, Tsu is the best dancer and Kame's butt is just hilarious. So I write their names against this part of a body/characteristic. Next person changes my choice of hips wearer etc or adds another names to another features.
Read rules and play game

PS sorry if i used the wrong tag


Title: www.thebestsex.com
Pairings: Akame, Jin/many, Kame/many (more may come)
Rating: AU, PG-13 (will go up later)
Genre: drama, fluff, angst, smut
Desclaimer: Do I look like I own them? Yes. I don't.
Summary: Jin works for an agency of online sex and has always been the nr 1 in everything until Kame comes along and changes the world around him in ways he thought never possible.
A/N: Three. Missing tha last one and I'll remind you: Sunday (pbb) I'll post the last one and then I'd like ppl to vote in which one they liked best so I can choose one to write. No worries, I'll eventually write all, just the chosen one first and then the others :D

“It’s Bakanishi we’re talking about.” Pi defended “Oh well, he’ll know when they get to bed.”

I've updated viewer ratings for all episodes of ctKT up to 26 (Sept.26), and the guest lists up to 28 (Oct.10) as always, the rest of the episode info will be updated when I (eventually) watch them...

(( ---fake cut--- ))
Hi Everybody
Firstly sorry for spamming the comms with this.

I don't really like to spam the rest of the comms.
this is not a self promo of our comm but it will make things easier & everybody benefits from not seeing the same post in their flist over and over again.
Please visit jefc_sg for future updates.

We have booked the chalet already
more info & bribes over here
Konichiwa everybody ^^.
I just surfed through BNS to look for some news about KAT-TUN ^^.
And I found the pic which is under the cut.
I hope nobody has posted it here ^^.

hi minna-san. Here is today's KAT-TUN STYLE, dozou, enjoy ne.

(SS): http://www.sendspace.com/file/ozrd59
(MU): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=E5CGNF1K
05:51 pm(no subject)
does anyone knows where i can download KAT-TUN SC performance on 14.11.2004 with them singing i like it?
i had a hard time finding...
& thanks for help :)
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

New members, please read the rules. We moderators are all terribly busy and we don't want to waste time on reiterating the community rules to you, but let's highlight one of the more important rules out there. Almost every single JE community out there has this rule, so this KAT-TUN community is of course, no exception:

7. There is no requesting for rips of licensed albums, singles, songs, and DVD's, but there is nothing against uploading such material out of generosity. Please check the tags before requesting anything.

As well as:

3. All posts must relate to KAT-TUN, not just Johnny's Entertainment! Entries that do not follow this will be deleted without notice.

With that said, I will be posting a long list of tag descriptions sometime within the next few days. Keep an eye out for it, especially to those who are confused with the tags and such. :)

And here are some song upload leftovers (no re-uploads):

07:19 pm(no subject)
Hi, anyone willing to sell October 2007 duet?
I'm in SIngapore and wouldnt mind shipping, etc.
hi minna-san! domo ... i'm looking for kame/maru fanfic/s or vid/s ... im having a hard time finding them ... thanks for the help ...
07:56 pm - request!!!
( if a request is not allowe, you have my permission to take delete)

Please, can somebody tell me where I can find piano sheets to jin's solo Murasaki? I really would love to play it on the piano.
だいすけ ♥ 
Title: At Least I Remember, I Love You
Translator: Shattered Tenshi
Rating: PG
Fandom: JE
Genre: AU, Romance
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo x Kamenashi Kazuya
Warnings: BL/Shounen-ai. Unbeta-ed

Part One | Part Two

(What exactly are emotions?)
ueda; smiley!
i love that new shoot <3 so i had to make icons...and it was perfect timing because this gets to be the opening batch for my new icon journal! The post will be friendslocked after a week.

(are we having fun yet?)
10:20 pm(no subject)
the new magazine scans are so awsome, that i had to do some icons!
hope you like'em :3.

btw, jin looks so HOT on a motorbike <33
and soooo~ cute how he carries the cat *-* ^.^
i'm so excited about yukan club...

KAT-TUN [19]
Groups [05]
Kamenashi Kazuya [1]
Akanishi Jin [08]
Taguchi Junno [2]
Tanak Koki [01]
Ueda Tatsuya [01]
Nakamaru Yuichi [01]

http://franzi10.fr.funpic.de/digiart/icons/KAT-TUN/4/47.png http://franzi10.fr.funpic.de/digiart/icons/KAT-TUN/4/Jin43.png http://franzi10.fr.funpic.de/digiart/icons/KAT-TUN/4/Junno8.png

HERE @ vamped_graphix
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