September 6th, 2007


kattun logos anyone?

hie everyone =]] i was wondering if anyone has pictures of kattun's bulldog or skull logo. or any of their main logos. i've tried looking through the tags but that didnt help much t.t i know i've seen it on this community before i just cant seem to find it again. thanks bunches!!!!!

magazines for sale

duet_1106.jpg picture by summersnow87

Hihi, this is my first post here and I'm still need to get used to livejournal features. Yup I'm still new about it. Dakara, yoroshiku ne~ I've posted some magazines on my lj for sale. Yup I'm in need of money and my room has ran out of space for them. Lately I really bought quite alot magazines. So do take a look at my lj by clicking the preview above. Thanks alots. =)

By the way, it's only for Singaporeans. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Hello, all! I just recently started listening to KAT-TUN and have spent the past few days searching the web for all the information I can find. I keep coming across mentions of Akame and the relationship between Kame and Jin. Some of it seems to be just fanfiction, while others look more factual. Is there a history there between those two? I'm very curious.

Personally, it would seem like Koki and Kame had/have a thing going on. I saw those recent pictures of the two of them and you can't tell me any straight men would willingly pose like that.
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[Buying] Popolo 2006/7 and Potato 2006/5

Hello minnasan, i'm desperatly looking for this two numbers of Popolo and Potato...does anyone have it? ç_ç i'll buy them at reasonable price, not over 4 euros (about 6 USD) because there are also the shipment costs, that are very expensive >.<...oh, i live in italy ^^ If someone has them, please leave a comment ^^ thanks!!!
lolwut {sj}

KAT-TUN icons

{1-5} sifow
{6-17} Koda Kumi
{18-23} AAA
{24-31} BoA
{32-45} YUI
{46-55} Yukari Goto (ex-AAA member)
{46-60} Nana Kitade
{61-64} Eri Nobuchika
{65-67} Beni Arashiro
{68-77} Hitomi Shimatani
{78-98} The Haunted Mansion
{99-114} Arashi
{115-163} Morning Musume
{164-173} OLIVIA
{174-192} KAT-TUN

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Mini cupcakes &amp; Tea

I have a request... for JunDa pictures

Hi~ ^^ I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of JunDa together that they'd be willing to share with me. ^^ I'm trying to find some for something I'm planning on doing for Ueda's upcoming birthday, as, and if I am not mistaken, its coming up in October. And I'm a big JunDa fan so I was hoping to get some pictures for my little project. I have plenty of single pictures of both Junno and Ueda.. its them together where I'm lacking pictures.
I'd really appreciate it if anyone had any pictures they'd be willing to share with me, and if possibly very decent quality as well.

And well if you are curious what I'm planning to do with them... I'm going to attempt to make some icons with the pictures. ^^
Hopefully no one minds my asking either and I think I tagged this correctly.. ^^
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New report (or rumour, whatever) from FRIDAY

Yeahhh XD before get kicked =~~~.. It has been a time since our last rumour...
I was just hanging around mixi, and found this news ~

This time, FRIDAY magazine has spoted Taguchi Junnosuke with model and actress Rena Komine..
They were seen tooking a taxi and riding til Omotesando (Tokyo). Then both got off and entered in a rojiura's sushi restaurant/store.

(ps. rojiura it's like a alley, or small street)
font: NIkkan Sports or mixi link

And this blog says that besides it, they kissed each other entered the store and enjoyed tasty food without care about the people around.

didn't find the pictures yet =/
(i hope it's true, go taguchi! xD)
(masuda_takahits corrected one mistake I made before ^^ thx!)